Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh, August...

How nice of you to join us! Really? Wow, 2011 is FLYING by. It honestly seems like yesterday I was done student teaching. Not sure where the time went. Oh hey, probably spent working!

I had such a lovely day at the beach yesterday! My boyfriend and I went to Cupsogue Beach which is out in the Hamptons, where I like to call "Richville" or Snobville. A lot of it is people from the city or Jersey and other states sometimes too in their summer homes. Hey, maybe I will be one of these people one day (rich enough to have a summer home)...if not, that's groovy too. It's actually in the same town as I used to work out. We relaxed and I went in the ocean for the first time....it was so nice! It does not compare to that crystal blue water that looks SO APPEALING in the tropical areas. But it was nice! Here are the two of us, the dorks, listening to our iPods as we basked in the sun!
I'm kinda a little nerdy in the fact that I am excited we will soon be able to access our work schedules online. My job's location is the test store for the company in our area so we get to access it soon in about 3 weeks. There's even an app for the smartphone but it's $2.99! It'd be better if it was like 99 cents or something but hey, if I can request off and do all that work related stuff from home, it'll be good. It's kinda crazy how technology dependent we are these days!

I can't believe some schools started today and some start later this week/next week. We don't go back til after Labor Day in New York. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning when the back-to-school supplies come out. I think I have enough pens to last me for awhile, ha ha. I need to go to Target for a few things tomorrow for a package I have to mail out for an exchange I am doing on a board. I will more than likely come home with some sort of school supplies...STOP ME! Ha ha! It makes me excited for when I actually get a teaching job and have a classroom to decorate. The only thing different about being a secondary teacher is your classroom is more "central" to your subject (at least in my opinion). I can't be as creative as the cute elementary ones as in the blogs I have come across. I hope I can turn my future classroom into something cute and fun.

I also have decided that I am going to actually read the Harry Potter series now...like a 15 years later...HA HA! I tried reading them but then I got distracted or "bored" as April likes to put it. She said she'll be proud of me if I make it through book three. I am tempted to bring it for the bus rides to/from the park in Disney (I'll have my kindle too but for the plane). I am off to go attempt to read some at 140am (who knows what time this post will say) when i need to get up at 8. thank god for my keurig coffee!!


  1. oh my goodness, your school supply addiction will become worse when you get your own classroom! I want everything in sight, yet have no money for it...it's so horrible :( lol

  2. I actually thought of you today! Target's dollar bin had a LOT of cute things for school related (like hall passes, my name is tags, etc).