Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Love =)

it's that time of the week! link up with Jamie for What i love Wednesday!

I'm going to make this short and sweet because I'm tired and still have to finish grading projects (!) and do lesson plans for tomorrow!

#1 - I'm loving that this time next week I will be in Georgia! I am so beyond excited to see my best friend who I haven't seen in two years. I'm excited to be wearing summery clothes down there because it is still cold in New York!! I'm also loving that she will be visiting NY sometime in October! There is nothing like a best friend! :)

#2 -
I'm loving my third observation is OVER...and went MUCH better than last time. Yes, there are still things my supervisor picks on to see in each lesson...but they have to do that because there is no way they're gonna give you an absolute rave each time! How else could you grow as a teacher? I also loved my teacher letting me leave during study hall for the rest of the day to relax. He's really nice and constantly offers me constructive criticism/advice. :)

#3 - I am loving that as of tomorrow, I do not have to go back to my school for student teaching til April 26th!! :) We get the day after Easter off and I am SOOOOOOO excited. I am sleeping in that day for a bit (considering I have to meet my seminar advisor to go over resumes/stuff).

#4 - I am loving that in 5 weeks, 2 days I will have my Master's Degree! HOLLA! The lack of sleep will have paid off! :)

#5 - I'm also loving some of the cute things I have been eyeing while window shopping. Can't wait to do a little shopping for some clothes to take on my vacation. :) It'll also give me a chance to go clean out my closet and put my winter clothes away!

Well, short and sweet for this week. :) I'm tired and have what feels like 2569943 projects to grade. Adios!

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