Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Closet Disaster

Oh my word. My closet/bedroom currently looks like a war zone! The one thing I do not like about the weather changing each season is having to change clothes! It is such an arduous task. And I am the brilliant one who started it at 11pm tonight. Why? Well, I did need to navigate my suitcase out for my trip on Wednesday (I hate walking through airports with a duffel). Plus, I looked up the weather for Georgia, and it is suppose to be in the 80's this week!!

So this requires some digging out of the summer clothes. Inevitably, it was going to happen. But seriously, I think I have too many clothes. My problem is I wear my clothes so so so so so so so many times and just don't get rid of them. Hoarder? No. Get a lot of use outta my clothes? Yep! I know there's a shirt that I bought my freshmen year of college in there. Right now, there are clothes, a suitcase, empty coat hangers and my sanity (ha ha!) all over the floor of my bedroom. Why must packing be considered a difficult task?! Ahhh! I will attempt to put this mess away for tonight and pack tomorrow before I go to work. All that stands between me and Georgia is work tomorrow (11:30-5) and a 9:10 doctor's appt before my 11:35 flight from the airport that is five minutes from my house. Let's hope she is FAST because I gotta get to the airport by like no later than 10. If my brother Brian is still home when I get home, I'm gonna ask him to drop me off on his way to work (I know he has to be there at 1030).

And just a side note. Tonight at work, I was just sort of day dreaming. The front entrance of the restaurant I work at is outside (we're in the Lifestyle Village part of the mall) and it is across from Dick's Sporting Goods. I looked up at one point and there were two cars stopped that looked like they had a fender bender or something. Next thing I know, there is someone LYING in the road!! I am not sure if they just collapsed or they were hit. It's just horrible...a bunch of teenagers were just acting like morons right around it and if the person was hit, I hope that the person who hit them stayed. To hit someone with a car and then take off is just BEYOND wrong. I hope whoever it was in the road turns out to be okay!

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