Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap

Well, tonight would be the end of my spring break/Easter. But I still have tomorrow off from student teaching. Thank goodness because I am NOT ready to go back! But then again, 18 school days of student teaching left, graduation May 21st and then I am done! Tomorrow I have to go meet with the certification coordinator at school to apply for certification. I have to go register for my CST (Content Specialty Test) and see what she says tomorrow.

I spend Wednesday-Sunday (today) in Georgia, visiting my best friend Stephanie! You have heard me mention it many times on the blog. We met via facebook back when we first started college. I friended her, and thought it was interesting that someone from Georgia was going to a college in New York...that was a state school aka cheap for NY residents. I mean, I could understand if it was Cornell or NYU but New Paltz? We had Intermediate French II together and the spring semester of our freshmen year, our friendship evolved further. We lived together sophomore year, hung out a lot fall semester junior year before I went abroad and then really renewed our friendship while I was abroad/when I came back. The last time we saw each other was two years ago. I have missed her soooo much! So I was excited to go see her!

Wednesday, the day I left, was a bit of an annoyance. My flight from NY to Philadelphia was suppose to depart at 11:35. Umm, 11:15 rolls around and no flight attendant has been to the gate yet. Five minutes later, they announce it was delayed due to weather. Okay, that I can understand. Then they put us on the plane, all boarded, and then we sat there for 40 minutes. And the plane was TINY. That makes me nervous. Finally get to Philadelphia, and luckily my flight to Atlanta was also delayed due to weather. I think the weather just made me annoyed with the delays. I was SO excited to see Steph when I got off the plane! That night, her boyfriend Brett grilled a bunch of food, we hung out and then went to this bar Sweetwater's and sang karaoke. It was a lot of fun! Thursday we ended up going to the mall and did some shopping! Got a cute new bathing suit for the summer at Old Navy. Then we hung out with her friend Dianna (whose husband went to HS with one of my brothers...small world!) and watched "Couples Retreat." Friday, we saw Dianna's husband and his father play at an Earth Day festival and then made a white-peach sangria for the birthday party that night...Um, YEAH, SO SO GOOD! I think I drank most of it haha ;). However, the end of Friday night sucked because my ipod was either lost somepoint between Thursday and Friday...or it was stolen. I am leaning more towards stolen. And it really really pisses me off because it was a gift from my brother. I can replace it, its just the matter of fact of it being gone. Saturday was just a lazy day....Steph's grandpa took us to lunch and then the whole family out for dinner to Carraba's Italian Grill. It was SO SO SO good!

Overall, my visit was great! I love the South (I'm sitting here wearing my I heart ATL shirt) and honestly really wanna move there. I definitely need to go visit down there again. I am super excited for Steph to come visit in October!

Tomorrow is going to be a SUPER productive day! I plan on finally going to the bank (I'm saying finally because I've needed to go since March), get my car washed (my brakes/oil were done while I was away), have my certification meeting, go to Target. I really think I am going to make organizing my closet a project this summer. Yes, I am insane!

Well, off to unpack/get my laundry ready for the laundry fest I will do tomorrow! Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter with family and friends!

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