Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Love =)

Happy Hump Day, Y'all! It's Wednesday which means so much closer to the weekend! And it also means time for WILW with Jamie! :) Link up!

#1 - I'm loving that this time, in two weeks, not only will I be on Spring Break from student teaching...but I will be in GEORGIA!!!! I have mentioned it a bunch of times but I am so beyond excited to go visit my BFF Stephanie!
Fall 2008

At our favorite place, Cuddies! (PS - I can't remember the last time my hair was THAT color)

Steph's Graduation - December 2009

Last time we saw each other...May 2009! :(

#2 - I'm loving my new placement for student teaching. I really am. Despite things going on in my personal life, I have a connection to these kids quicker than I did in my first placement. Maybe it helps some of them had my brother as their 5th grade teacher or as a coach, but I like it! Plus, today, tomorrow & Friday I'm in the computer lab with my three 8th grade classes, 7th grade has one more day in the computer lab for their presentations and Friday they have to present. SCORE for easy week. :)

#3 - I'm loving the deal I got this week on a Longchamp purse. I bid on it on ebay (always a risk!) and got it for like $68...I think it retails for around $149+. Estimated shipping is 4/11-4/12.

#4 - I'm loving that my niece Emma's birthday was Monday. She turned two. TWO! Where has time gone?! I remember her sister Sara (my goddaughter) calling me as I was getting ready for open house tours to tell me that "Mommy had the baby" in her 4 year old voice. Look how big Emma has gotten!

Easter 2009...only a few days old!

Most recent picture of her! God bless that little chunky monkey niece of mine!!

#5 - I'm loving that I graduate on May 21st with my MASTER'S DEGREE! I'll be 24 and have a Master's Degree...yay. Not only that, I will have survived student teaching and I will be going back for a SECOND master's degree! The program I'm in for my teaching degree basically has a lot of "inclusive" classes in the title of the class. Since that is the case, it is only an extra FOUR classes to get a Special Education degree. And to top it off, my school is offering this deal "take one summer class, get the second one 50% off" I'll be saving some $$! Big win in the long run!

#6 - Friends. They're always there no matter how crappy you feel your life is going, how stressed out you are feeling, when you need to vent. They are there for the laughs, hugs, strange times, good times, breakups, shopping trips, nights out, etc. Going through some personal things, it's wonderful to know these ladies are here no matter what! :)
Just a small preview of some of these important people!

Shannon & I

Olivia & I

April, Jeannette, me and Amanda

Allison & I

Amanda & I

Me & Heather


  1. yay for loving your placement AND having your Masters soon! So exciting!

  2. I'm a Georgia girl:) What part are you visiting?

  3. Thanks for playing along!

    Longchamp purses are super cute!