Saturday, April 9, 2011


FINALLY! I feel like a "real" teacher in some sorts. This week has been my first "solo" week with my three eighth grade classes in my new placement. Wednesday-Friday we were in the computer lab creating menus because the unit we are doing is "En el restaurante." My co-op teacher wanted me to do this and seeing as he is my brother's friend, I'll do whatever he wants me to do with them. It was fun because who does not love a project when you get to be creative?! Only problem? "Senorita you didn't give us enough time to do this!" Um, three 40 min periods plus study halls and lunch isnt enough time? Took me 45 mins-hour to do my example one! And my cooperating teacher agreed three days was fair (plus this is all the time we had to complete it since we had three days in the computer lab). He said something along the lines of "They'll complain if you gave them three days, three weeks, or three months to do a project." That is totally true. Some of them came out really good! I'm having them present them and even saving some for Wednesday when my field supervisor comes to observe me.

That I am a little worried about. My second observation in my last school basically had made me feel I wasn't cut out to teach. Lovely, eh? But it also wasn't fair in the time frame he came. It'll be over a month since I was last observed so I think in that time frame, he will see some sort of improvement. Isn't it just darling that all the "labor" and work we go through during student teaching and it's a pass/fail grade?! Ahhhhh! FUNNY STUFF! :)

If any of you followers out there want to help me with something, it'd be greatly appreciated. My thesis I have to write as part of my masters is about "Attitudes Towards Teaching" and I did it comparing elementary teachers and secondary teachers. Originally, I wanted my sample size to be twenty teachers of each but that didn't happen. So I told my professor I changed it to ten each...she is pretty much okay with whatever I do, I guess I'm on her good side. :-D But, I still need a few more people to take surveys! If you are willing to help [doesn't matter if you're student teaching or not!], please leave me a comment and let me know if I can email ya a survey. You'd really be helping me out!!

I guess I am really tired. I sat here the last ten minutes watching a "no-no" wax hair removal product commercial on lifetime. And didn't realize it!

The other night my friends Shannon, Olivia and I made cupcakes for Shannon's boyfriend's birthday. His actual birthday was Wednesday but his party was last night [which I was going to go to but didn't....long story]. We made cookies n cream cupcakes which involved smashed-up Oreos! They were so yummy. And the second batch we made were our favorites....Chocolate Liquor Cupcakes! It involved cocoa powder, crushed chocolate bars, chocolate liquor in the batter, and a liquor icing. delicious! We got the recipe from a cupcake cook-book my friend Shannon has. I want to find more fun recipes to make them!

I literally need a year to sort out my life. HAHA, just kidding not really. I cleaned my bedroom last week, aka had really needed to vacuum my carpet, and put some clothes away. Where am I this week? Stuff is back all over the floor. I think I will wait til when I am on spring break anyways to figure out how to clean it up. I figure by mid-April I really won't be wearing SWEATERS anymore....a girl can I'll put those away and take out all the summery stuff! :) Can't wait to be wear flipflops, shorts, tanks and dresses! I think I MAJORLY need to go shorts shopping though. Half of my jeans when I went down a size are now too loose! That is always a good thing but I don't want to be wearing GIGANTIC shorts from last summer this summer! :)

Time to go download some more Glee music before I hop in the shower to get ready for a double shift at work. I am working a double today, tomorrow 12-5, monday 5-9, and then doubles Saturday AND Sunday next week. But the good news is they hired another host and she'll be shadowing me next week on Sunday. So maybe it won't be doubles for the rest of the summer! Hopefully this one will last.

Have a wonderful weekend. :-D

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