Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring time is here!

I am super excited! I am finally on spring break! The seven weeks from February break until this Spring break were just torture, haha. I did have a spring break from my college, yet I was still going to student teaching so it wasn't that much of a break! Thursday was my last day of school since I had to attend a conference for student teaching on Friday. And now we have this whole week off! What's the best part? I don't go back until April 26th because the school I am in didn't use all their snow days so we have the day after Easter off too!

This past Friday I got inducted into the Education Honor Society at my school. My mom came to see me [I called this her early birthday present] since she never got to see me inducted into anything during college. It's a selective honor have to have a combined gpa of at LEAST 3.5 or better between undergrad & grad! We're just a bunch of nerds.

Saturday was my mom's birthday. Happy belated birthday Mom! I do feel bad because I feel like she got shafted in a way for her birthday. She had originally planned to go with her friend to a wedding on her birthday but then decided not to. One of my brothers, Brian, and I both work at the same place so we were both working a double yesterday. My other brother Eric, I have no idea where he was. And my brother Mark & his wife Laurie were going to have her over for dinner last night...but my SIL has the flu! So no one took my poor mom out for her birthday! :( I did meet her at Kohl's after work and got some capris. But since I have Tuesday night off, I want to take her out to dinner [my treat of course!] to any place her heart desires. I do also have to go get the other half of her present tomorrow. I think I'm going to get her a spring Vera Bradley bag. Mother's Day is also FAST approaching so I gotta come up with something for her for that. I think I might get her a massage gift certificate, or do something pictures wise.

Speaking of birthdays, I have to go to my brother's house at some point to give my niece Emma her birthday presents! Her birthday was April 4th and while I could've given them to her that weekend before, I didn't. I have no idea why but I didn't. I have never forgotten/not acknowledged one of my nieces or nephew's birthday. I think between school, student teaching, work and trying to maintain a social life, my brain is functioning on elsewhere!

I bought tickets to go see Taylor Swift at MSG in NYC four days after my birthday in November! I am so excited! I saw her perform at Nassau Coliseum last year in May and she put on an AWESOME concert! My best friend April and I had gone to see it. This year, I'm seeing it with my friend Shannon. I feel bad because April feels a little hurt I did not ask her before I bought the tickets but when I had mentioned to it, she said "I have no idea where I'll be." She's graduating Columbia in a few weeks with her Master's in Journalism and she has been applying for jobs all over the place. So I feel guilty for not including her but if I did not buy these tickets now and waited another month or two to buy them, they could be sold out! Oh well. There will always be more opportunities. :)

I really can't wait for it to be summer. I crave warm weather! I love having grown up on the South Shore with the beaches nearby and a pool in my backyard. When I was little, I was like a fish in water....never wanted to get out of the pool! I am excited when I make my work schedule I will ACTUALLY be able to go to the beach more often [as opposed to my old job schedule last year]. And the more I think about it, the more I realize how much of an awesome awesome summer it will be! Between graduating, trip to Atlantic City for a friend's birthday, starting the special education extension for my Master's, beach trips, late summer nights, and a week in Disney in August with Mark, SIL Laurie, nieces & nephew & my mom, it is going to be one fantastic fun-filled summer!!

Tomorrow will be a productive day. I plan to pack for my trip to Georgia on Wednesday, try to take my car to get washed (if not tomorrow then the week after), schedule a oil change for my mom [so so FAR overdue!], do some chores for my mom [yeah, so not looking forward to having to pay RENT soon] and working. Two more shifts and then it's playtime with the best friend!

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