Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying this time before the holiday on Sunday. 

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I'm loving...that I booked my flight last night to go see my best friend, Stephanie in Georgia!! I haven't seen her since she was here last August and the last time I went to Atlanta was two years ago. 

I'm loving...that my cousin FINALLY decided on a bridesmaid dress for her wedding that is July 4th! It is by Lela Rose and is in the color midnight, which is a dark navy. This is the one I'll be wearing:

I'm loving...the color I got done on my nails, yesterday. It's called "I Ate my Berries in the Canaries" by OPI. What a fun color for spring!

I'm loving...that I was able to attend my sweet friend Ashley's baby shower last Saturday. She is expecting a little boy, her first, on May 7th. I couldn't be more excited for her and her hubby Tommy! Just wish I didn't have to leave early to go to work.

I'm loving...the gift I got my niece/goddaughter for her First Holy Communion. I got her a jewelry box engraved with her first & middle names, the date, and an image of praying hands. I think she'll love it.

I'm sweet dog, Shadow. I have had her for 10 years and she is considered "my" dog in the family. She isn't feeling well and the vet said she either has pneumonia or cancer so we're hoping it's the first. My heart just BREAKS thinking of her not being here so I am enjoying every moment with her.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Oh my goodness, Shadow is so sweet! I pray she starts feeling better!! Love the bridesmaid dress - will be beautiful!

  2. ohhh I love that nail color!!