Sunday, March 17, 2013

A little bit of this...a little bit of that.

First off, let's just say I feel like a bad blogger in a way. I feel like I have nothing of significance to blog about and its link ups. And to me, there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes my life is just boring....go to one of my three jobs, come home, eat, shower, sleep. It's St.Patty's day weekend and I am home on a Saturday night watching Law & Order SVU with a glass of Skinnygirl White Wine. Oh my how times have changed!

Let's talk about the Bachelor finale from Monday. I am so bad and can't help but read spoilers ahead of time. I knew he was going to chose Catherine and I am glad he did. Lindsay, the girl in the wedding dress, rubbed me the wrong way from when she stumbled out of the limo on the first night. I did chuckle when she told him to "stop" after he told her his heart was leaning another way. It was like she was "Man, I am over this now." and taking off her shoes, I thought she was going to stomp away!

He seems genuinely happy with Catherine. He is such a sweet soul, very religious, loves kids...basically he is my typical dream guy hands down! Dude, I would've totally gone on that show. I just hope he doesn't have his heart broken in the process. And I am excited to see Des as the new Bachelorette. That should be an interesting season.

Yesterday after school, I went to check out the new Vera Bradley outlet that opened near me. I have always wanted to go to one and hoped they would put one near me. Well, they did and it opened yesterday with the entire place being 40% off, including clearance. A lot of it was older patterns. I ended up buying myself a Purple Punch tote, Purple Punch laptop case, Island Blooms keychain, Baroque contact case and Cupcake Pink notecards...all of it for $61! I am a pretty happy camper. One of my co-workers from CPK is suppose to bring me in a BUNCH of Vera that was given to her by her mom from a customer/someone that she cant use. I can't wait to see what pieces are in there!

 I am looking into booking my flight to Georgia to visit my BFF in August. I wish I could go earlier but school doesn't end til the end of June and I have to somehow take a summer course for math over the summer. Just for my Special Education certification to go through...what fun!

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  1. I hadn't read the Bachelor spoilers and I was sooo surprised he chose Catherine! Love your VB items!!