Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I am probably one of the only people that I know that gets their hair cut once, maybe twice a year. I am such a procrastinator!! My hairdresser is awesome and only charges me $25 for a wash, cut, and blow. And I like to have darker hair! When I was little, I had bright blonde hair. Like this...

And as I got older, it went progressively darker to a more "dirty blonde" color. This weekend, I was tired of my currently hair color as it had not been dyed in a year. So, my mom colored it for me and now, my hair looks like this:
 I love it! One of my students in 4th period said to me yesterday, "Ms.J, you dyed your hair? You look fierce!" Glad 8th graders approve!

I have sent out my resume and cover letter for my IDEAL job. So close to home it would be PERFECT. I don't want to go into any more detail then that because I don't want to get my hopes up but hoping to get an interview after having emailed two of my old teachers (including the chairperson. :))

I am also excited because it has been announced there will be Disney Inspired Handbags by Vera Bradley at Disney Parks this fall!! The patterns look so cute which you can see here. As my mother would say "You don't need more Vera Bradley" but being a Disney freak, I NEED THIS! 

Tonight will be the night I actually go to bed early in hopes of feeling somewhat rested tomorrow. Let's see if that can happen! I am off to go find my recipe for German coffee cake so I can buy the ingredients at the store and make it for school. The language department is hosting a breakfast themed "Breakfast Around the World" on Friday and each person has to bring something. This should be fun! 


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  1. Ha love the "fierce" comment - definitely a compliment! Hoping the job search ends well!!