Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bonjour 2013!

I cannot believe I just wrote that....2013! It seems so weird and I feel like 2012 flew by in some aspects yet dragged on in other's! I had high hopes for 2012 and most of htem were met in some way, shape or form. 

So, with every new year, comes a new set of resolutions. And I always wonder, how many people ACTUALLY follow through on what they set out as a resolution on January 1st each year? Do they succeed with each? Or fail miserably? As I hung out with my friend Shannon and her boyfriend Dan last night, I thought of how maybe instead of calling them resolutions that maybe I'd call them goals instead. Goals of things I want to work towards and achieve for a better me in 2013.

What's on my resolution/goal list for 2013?

-Yes. I currently have a job working in the restaurant and I love most of my co-workers. I also have been blessed to have a tutoring job part-time (really only 2+ hours a week). And of course, I was blessed to land my job as a TA that I started in October. However, I worked way too hard and way too long to just spend my life as a TA. Don't get me wrong, I love the district I work in but my goal for 2013 is to find a job. By the end of this year, I'll be 27 and I would really love to have a full-time teaching job, with benefits. Even if that means moving out of state, then so be it! It's time to really bite the bullet and grow up.

I joined Planet Fitness last year and I was pretty good going for awhile. Then when I got my TA job, it kind of fell by the wayside. If I have a gym membership, I might as well make use out of it! I need to carve out more time for exercise. I feel if I do, maybe I'll have more energy.

It's a little known fact among my friends that my room can quickly become a black hole! Ha ha! I still have a pile in front of my dresser that I need to clean up (but lack the motivation to do so) but I would like to be better about cleaning and not procrastinate so much!

-i have enjoyed my last two months of singleness. And I did enjoy my relationship when things were good. But let's face it...who wants to be in a relationship when you're miserable and just know it won't end well? And when your friends & their boyfriends know it won't end well. I hope to discover more about what I want from love and God. I'm still reading When God Writes Your Love Story and honestly? I cannot wait to see what unfolds for me in 2013 in regards to relationships/love. I know my right one is out there. He'll come when I least expect it.

I am ready to carve out more time to have with friends. It is hectic with such opposite schedules and all living in different parts of the state/country. But when we're together, we just pick back up like no time has passed. I cant wait to see where 2013 takes all of my friends!

What are your resolutions/goals?

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