Sunday, January 20, 2013

Word vomit

I feel like nothing interesting ever happens anymore in life. If I want to make time to have fun with friends, I have to "pencil it in" and make requests off from work. Boo!! I don't like being an adult. Can I go back to being in college or better yet, no adult responsibilities? I can remember being younger and saying "I can't wait til I grow up...."...yeah I can!

Midterms are FINALLY over!! I am so glad because I dont have to deal with quarterlies again until the end of third quarter. It really amazes me how kids in 8th grade don't "get" that they actually have to study. They think they can ask a teacher during a test to tell them what a question means (I do it if they have language simplified and/or explained on their IEP) but I can tell you hands down who has studied and who hasn't. 

On Friday night, I went into the city with Shannon to have dinner & drinks & hang out with Amanda, Jade, and Sarah...all friends from college. It is hard to believe that this May, we will have been out of school for four years (only three for Amanda) and we're still friends. They say you don't go to college to meet your husband (in some cases...) go to meet your bridesmaids. It's so true! We had dinner at a nice pub and then Amanda, Shannon and I went to a burlesque show, which was definitely very different!! It was nice to do something that wasn't the usual. I probably would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't yawning so much from being tired since I got up at 5am that morning. It definitely was fun though and I cannot wait to go back and hang out with all my lovely ladies again.

I really hate how crappy the economy is right now. On Saturday night after my shift, my manager told me that corporate is doing pay cuts across the board and they're cutting almost $2 an hour from both my positions. Plus, now that they are adding another host Fridays & Saturdays, my tip out is going to go down! They are having another host because that way one person can truly greet & engage with the customer, one does the wait list, and one's suppose to help alleviate our "stress" when we're on a wait. It really just blows because there go more money. When my manager Melissa told me, I was like "Are you freaking kidding me?" That sucked to hear!! She said she felt really bad because one of the other hosts and I are the most competent ones we have (a few servers that do it can be la la) and feels like she needs to do something to help us out. She and our GM are discussing making me and one of the other hosts become servers...she wants to get us into a training class, train us to server, we can pick up shifts if we need to and then when summer rolls around, we can have more shifts (there are more in the summer) and they wouldnt really have to hire more servers (because we have ones from college). At least Mel is trying to look out for us!! This was just NOT icing on the cake I wanted to hear.

Tomorrow (or maybe today....) my mom and I are going to the outlets before I have to go to work. She wants shoes. I need new flats to wear for school. I will never understand how people can wear heels all day...especially to teach in! I checked the outlet's page for the Tanger Location near us and they have a Vera Bradley outlet coming soon!! I am so excited!!! I have never been to one. This could be bad news though.

One of these days I will be able to find my TV remote. But for now, I am going to end this "word vomit" and read some more of Safe Haven before bed! So good! 

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  1. In PA, I taught in heels. In Alaska, I've worn Uggs...on several occasions.
    I was a waitress/bartender for a long time, so I completely understand that frustration. Sorry!