Thursday, January 31, 2013

{Its Okay Thursday}

{It's Okay...}

...that I am happy that I don't have to go to CPK until 6 tomorrow night.

...that two of my classes are watching "Beauty & The Beast" tomorrow after their vocab quiz.

...that I HATE HATE HATE shoes with a passion. Every pair of flats stretches and it drives me nuts. look forward to having a drink with Amanda tomorrow night after work. plan on buying the gray Ugg's I have been wanting for the last two years. #problems

...that I only went to the gym once this month. Oops. time to get cracking and actually USE the membership!

...that sometimes the guys on POF creep me out.

...that I want to rip my lungs out because there are times when I can't stop coughing and times when I don't cough at all.

...that my closet and bedroom are STILL a mess. I need like five hours one day and it'll happen. 

...that we made my co-worker wear a cape of a plastic bag last night and I took pictures when were were bagging everything up for the deep clean. The things we do to amuse ourselves.

...that I am dreading hosting tomorrow night.

...for me to believe I need more clothes...I am simply bored of my wardrobe and getting dressed every day for school! go crawl under my comforter and read "Safe Haven"

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  1. Getting dressed everyday for school isn't fun when it's cold!

  2. SAFE HAVEN WAS AMMMMAZINNNGGG!!! And i'm bored with my wardrobe too!