Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sometimes I can't understand why people act a certain way. Why they say a certain thing. It makes me question if they think before they speak. Or if they are just generally a rude person.

I often see it in public....and pretty much every shift when I am at work. Some people just give you an attitude for no reason at all. My favorite thing is when people come into the restaurant and asked to not be sat near any children when its FULL of children. I'll do my best but it's not like you're at a romantic 5 star're at a chain restaurant that is family oriented. And umm? You were once a child too!!

I also hate when people are rude to me at the host stand. My job has started having three hosts on a Friday & Saturday night. One is suppose to be really greeting and focused on the guest. One writes down the names when we're on a wait and one seats. Two people can actually seat the guests. Only I was the only one up there at one point because one of the girls was taking her break and the other one went MIA when I told her to go tell the bussers to clean off a table (and oh hey, they were right next to it). And she instead bussed it off. So this guy took it upon himself to sit himself....who goes into a restaurant and sits themselves when there is a wait going on?!'re that impatient!! I actually told him he isn't suppose to just go to the table and I was waiting for someone to come back. So rude especially because my bosses hate when customers sit themselves and don't listen to us. Why do you think we're up there? For decoration?

Tonight I came home and saw this article on A waiter refused to serve a man after he insulted a little boy with Down Syndrome. Really?! I am so appalled by this. It hits home since I have always grown up with a brother that has a disability. They deserve to be treated like any other human being -- with respect. They have the right to be in public like anyone else. I could not believe the man insulted this little boy and said that special needs children need to sit elsewhere. Would you want someone to say that about YOUR child if the roles were reversed? I am so glad that the waiter stood up for the little boy and refuse to serve the man. I would have done the same thing. It just goes to prove how so many people are still so ignorant.

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