Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why I NEVER want to eat at a Ruby Tuesday's again

As someone who has worked in customer service for awhile (cashier at Rite-Aid in high school & two years of college and 5 years of two different restaurants), I have respect for servers. I get we all have bad days (been there, done that). Especially when the kitchen messes up an order or you forget to put in something on a table. But I had the WORST experience EVER yesterday  at Ruby Tuesday's.

My chairperson/Assistant principal's birthday is today and one of the other teachers was the day before Valentine's Day, which ended up being a snow day. With all the snow days we had and the February vacation, we ended up going out to a Ruby Tuesday's yesterday. I had to be at work at 5:15 and went with the intention of having a drink & small appetizer.

I got to the restaurant at 3 and told them we would be a party of ten. They set up two tables and had to wait for another table to get up before we could push it with the other two. Okay, not a problem. I sat and waited for others to come. When two more co-workers showed up, it was about 3:15. The three of us stood at the front for a good ten minutes waiting to be sat (the other table had gotten up) before someone came over to us. We finally sat down and more people showed up. Around 3:30 I had ordered my drink (there was at least 7 or 8 of us now) and a few minutes later my food.

I had told the waitress that I had to leave by 4:30 because I had to be at work (the way I go can be pretty much busy with traffic and I didn't want to be late). My friend Georgia also had to leave early so we were splitting a check and paying cash. So finally everyone shows up (we were waiting on one teacher Cheryl who was doing errands) and the waitress gets her drink order & food. 4:15 comes around and the food STILL hasn't come. Someone else's appetizer at the table came out which I thought I was weird. 4:20 rolls around and we asked where the food was. This is where I got pissed off.

The waitress told us that as a "courtesy" to the rest of the party, she waited until the last person was there to put in the food so it would all come out together and said that we had told her we wanted it as an entree, not an appetizer. What the hell? I would like to know WHY she chose not to ASK us if we wanted the food before Cheryl got there or not. I am 99.9% sure Cheryl would not have cared. Georgia was getting pissed (as was I) because there is NO REASON why we should have had to wait almost 45 minutes for APPETIZERS.

The waitress was a bit snotty and said she'll go to the kitchen to have the food pushed out quicker. I'm getting angry because I was hungry and waiting AND now was going to be rushed eating. They bring the food out and they brought me a chicken tenders dinner with fries...NOT what I ordered. I had ordered South Western Buffalo Chicken Tenders appetizer. So by the time they go back in and bring it out, I can't stay anymore because I am going to be late so I have to take it to go. I felt horrible that I had to leave early because I enjoy hanging out with my coworkers but I was so aggravated at the situation. Since Georgia and I were splitting the bill, she told me to just give her $10 since she owed me $8 for Girl Scout cookies. I rushed to work and pretty much wolfed my food down because I was starving. I was texting everyone because I felt bad leaving early and Georgia told me that they didn't even take anything off the bill for the inconvenience and she left the waitress an 18 cent tip because she didn't feel like waiting for change.

I was just so irritated by the whole experience. There was no one there to greet you, you had to wait 15 minutes to even be seated and then 45 minutes for a freaking appetizer? Give me a break! I was so aggravated that when I got home from work, I went on the Ruby Tuesday's website and wrote in a NASTY complaint. I hope they get it and contact me. I am never going to a Ruby Tuesday's again. The waitress was so rude and it was just a rotten experience. 

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