Thursday, March 6, 2014


This morning before I left for work, I came across this fantastic post on BuzzFeed, 24 Painfully Accurate Teacher Hashtags. I had myself a GOOD laugh. Why? I could TOTALLY relate to  EVERY single one of them!!!

As a teacher that works in the junior high setting, most people think I am nuts. I don't really think I would have the patience to deal with the same kids ALL day versus 5-6 different groups of kids 40 minutes a week for 5 days. I love the junior high age!! Even when they make me want to rip my hair out.

Some of my favorites from the post:

All the formats I have learned to write a lesson plan in are USELESS now. 


Aka NAP time for teachers. This is actually a WIN WIN for everyone!! Kids love movies. Teachers love when they're quiet.


Thankfully, I work in a classroom where there is another teacher. So if I can't go on a free period, I can always run out!

Here are my favorites that are totally teacher moments:


Come 2:10 on Fridays, I don't know you.


After a long weekend/vacation!!


Omg I see this on a daily explain something and the kids turn to their neighbor and make this I am talking Japanese.

The face that I make when I end up repeating myself 20 times in one period. Or the face I wanna make sometimes when I am asked questions like "Do we write this in Spanish?!" (in Spanish class)

What are your favorites?! 


  1. I'm not a teacher but i'm a major fan of gifs. Love them.

    Am I a bad blogger? Honestly?

    Would love for you to come join my hop @

  2. #1 and #23.
    Today I searched backpacks for a stolen banana. Kids' backpacks are freaking disgusting.