Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I don't want to grow up!

Okay, seriously, I was right when I said everything after you turn 21 goes downhill. Ha! Maybe it is the pessimistic side of me coming out (oh, I must be feeling better....and I am, thank goodness!). But this adult stuff is somewhat of a big pain in my BUTT at times.

I turned 27 in November. When I turned 26 in 2012, I lost my health insurance that I was covered under thanks to my mom's job at the end of the month of my birthday (November). Conveniently, I developed bronchitis three weeks later and spent $160 between a walk in and medications. That would be my luck. Ever since then, I really haven't gone to the doctor for anything. The only thing that I have to take care of because it is probably the worst part about me is my eyes. If I don't wear contacts or glasses, I am super super blind so it is necessary.

When they passed ObamaCare (and I know everyone has DIFFERENT views on this)/the Affordable Care Act, I thought I would be able to get somewhat of a manageable plan. So you know, I wouldn't have to sell my kidney on the side of the road or anything to pay for it. I did the enrollment in December on the NY Healthcare Marketplace and chose a catastrophic plan with Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It had my doctors (plus), it was the cheapest (another plus). I figured I would stick with that until I find a permanent job/have more permanent benefits.

So, explain to me why I STILL haven't been able to make a payment to them THREE MONTHS after?! According to this, it says if you enrolled in coverage effective January 1, 2014, you should have received your invoice and when you make a payment, you're covered. Shortly after that, you'll get your ID cards. Um, I have received NOTHING. Yep, nothing at all. And when I try going on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Website to "shop" their plans, it gives me the same price the marketplace gives me but no link/spot to pay. I go through the mail every day so I would have noticed if they sent me something. And nothing in my email.

I guess I will be spending my evening tomorrow on the phone with both Empire & the health care marketplace to figure out how I can make the payment. I need something!!! This just frustrates me and proves nothing is ever easy as an adult. This, along with my taxes, are things I need to tackle. I have no idea why I keep putting my taxes off. It's not like I have a gazillion papers like my mom does! What's a good online, FREE tax website to use to file?

Wish me luck that I come out of this with some sort of coverage! Otherwise I'll be selling my kidney to pay for it. Kidding....of course. 

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  1. Oh goodness. Health insurance is the BIGGEST headache. And I went a couple years without it after college (I missed that window where now all you people get to be covered until you're 26--I got dropped the day I walked across the stage for college graduation--that was fun). Haha. Getting someone on the phone and then DEALING with said people is such a headache. I hope you get some coverage soon! I got really sick last year for about 6 months and it ended in surgery. even WITH great insurance, our medical bills are in the 5 digit range. Good luck!!