Sunday, April 7, 2013

{Sunday Social - Pinterest Theme!}

It is hard to believe that it is Sunday again!! Seriously, I cannot wait for it to be summer break and not have to get up at 5am every morning. 

I'm back linking up with Ashley & Neely for this week's Sunday Social which has a Pinterest theme! I love me some Pinterest!

1. What is your favorite outfit pin?
I have too many of them...this is one:

2. What is your favorite food pin?
I've got a favorite food one AND a favorite drink pin! So here's the food one:
Buffalo Chicken bites:

And my favorite drink:
Skittle Bombs

3. What is your favorite wedding pin?
This is a hard choice but I have a funny one & a sweet one:
This is totally going to be me & my bridesmaids in the future!

And the sweet one:
When I get married, I so hope my groom reacts like this when I walk down the aisle.

4. What is your favorite DIY/craft pin?
I don't think I have really pinned any projects that are DIY on Pinterest but I would love to do this in my future home:
5. What is your favorite quote/verse/lyric pin? 
This has hands down always been my favorite quote:
6. Share a random pin you love:
I pin a lot of e-cards but I love this recent one I found:


  1. Love those Toms! I want the white/gray leopard ones.

  2. What a cute outfit! And I think I need to try those skittle bombs!