Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. She is turning the big 6-5!! Kind of hard to believe. I'm her baby, the last of her bunch that she had when she was 38. 

Tonight, my siblings (minus Eric who had to work) took my mom out to dinner at this Italian restaurant for dinner. I told her to pick wherever and she decided this place (my brothers who split it are probably mad because they paid and I asked to contribute and they had me pay the tip which is fine). It was a nice meal.

I am thankful to have a mom who is my rock. The woman who taught me my savvy shopping skills (clearance FIRST then sale then full price!). She has taught me how to cook the very few meals I know how to make. She irons my suits or clothes when I need them (I swear she does it better than I can). We may have our fights and yell, and then laugh about it later. My mother is the type of person who would give an arm or a leg for one of her kids. She is so selfless. I wouldn't choose anyone else.

Happy birthday Mom!


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