Sunday, June 7, 2015

{Stitch Fixes #3-5 - Reviews}

I am really slacking in this department! Since I just got the email on Friday that my 6th Stitch Fix has shipped (and I should receive it by Tuesday!), I might want to review the others before that comes. Haha!

So if you're not familiar with Stitch Fix, here is how it works!

1. You fill out your online style profile on They ask you all sorts of questions about sizing, pricing, preferences, colors, etc. This is where you need to be honest because it helps them style you. If you have a Pinterest style board, link it to your profile because they look at it! (One of my stylists told me she saw I had so many polka dots pinned so she sent me a dress with them for that reason...and I kept it!)

2. Order your 1st fix! They charge you a $20 styling fee but if you keep something from your fix, that $20 goes towards your purchase. I have always kept at least 1 thing from each of my fixes otherwise it feels like I am squandering money. They also always send you 5 items and if you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off. Pretty cool!

3. They send you a pre-paid envelope to send all your returns back in so all you have to do is drop it off at the post office! (For my first few I was waiting in line until the guy told me to just drop it on the counter and run, haha). You have 3 business days to try it on at home and then checkout online. You tell them what you liked and why, was the price too high/too low, how was the fit, etc. BE HONEST IN YOUR CHECKOUT. I was so disappointed in fix #4 that I was honest in my check out so I have high hopes for this fix on its way.

Make sure you note how often you want to receive your fixes. I like receiving monthly almost cures my itch to go to the mall/outlets and plus, who doesn't like getting a box in the mail?!

Okay, so let's rewind to MARCH for my fix #3.

I saw this top on Pinterest and liked the colors. I am finding myself veering more out of my "neutral" colors I always choose when I shop and being bold. However, I did not like the way it fit me. It had a white cami that went under it which was too tight (normally I wear a large in tops) and I tried it with another white cami of my own under it. Too sheer. And because it has been a few months, I honestly don't remember the prices or where my cards they sent me are. For my June fix, I am going to do it shortly after I get it!

Verdict? Sent back.

loved this when I took it out of the box! I have seen a few other people get it in fixes so its popular. I also love the coloring on it. I always ask for versatile pieces that I can either dress up for school or wear out. I have worn this a few times. (Looks great with white pants!) I believe the price was $58.

Verdict? Kept!

I also wanted some dresses. My stylist sent me this chevron print and I fell in love!! It fit me right (one of my first fixes I got a dress that was snug in all the wrong places). I loved it so much I wore it on Easter!

Verdict? Kept.

Skinny pants. I have such a big butt it's hard to find skinny pants that fit. I always get pants in my fixes because I have said I have a hard time shopping for them. I might have to change that but I haven't kept one pair since the first fix!

Verdict? Sent back. I did not like the fit nor the price (too high).

These were high waisted trousers I was sent. So tight that I couldn't even get them on both legs!

Verdict? Sent back!

March Fix: Kept 2 out of 5 pieces.

{April Fix}

Stitch Fix sent me this dress (I am on the left). It reminded me of the chevron dress from the previous month. I loved the fit and the feeling of the material. So obviously I kept it because here I am wearing at my friend Anjelica's son's christening!

Verdict? Kept!

 Ahh...gotta love the bathroom selfies! Only good place to take it. I got this teal top. I don't have anything in this color. Loved it!

Verdict? Kept!

I also pinned this top on my Pinterest style board so I was excited to see it! I figured it is something you can wear with jeans or dress pants (both of which I have done) and I have paired it with a cardigan.

The necklace I also received in this piece. I am hesistant on statement pieces but this one was too bulky for my liking?

Verdict? Kept the top and SENT BACK the necklace.

I also received this top, something else I had pinned on Pinterest. At first, I thought it was a repeat from the March fix, but it was different. This also came with a cami underneath it but that was too tight. I just didn't like how this felt on my arms. Loved the color though!

Verdict? Sent back.

April fix: Kept 3 out of 5 pieces. Not bad!

{May Fix}
I have to say...I was the most disappointed with this one of all mine so far. I think I keep getting different people that style me, which is fine. But some of the pieces in this fix I felt like had nothing to do with what I asked for (I wanted some wrap dresses) and were just not me. Once I do find a stylist that I like, I am going to request her!

This was the first time I received a bag in any of my fixes. When I took it out of the box, I knew this was something I would be sending back. While it is reversible and big for school, it is definitely not my taste and it also SMELLED. I thought it smelled like cat pee. Yuck!

Verdict? Sent back.

I was sent this white lacey shirt. Looks great...but not on me! It was snug in all the wrong places.

Verdict? Sent back.

This floral dress was so light weight. Plus, it had pockets! Any dress that has pockets is a winner in my book. I knew it would be good for the summer. I remember it was $54.

Verdict? Kept!

 I loved this top! The color is definitely something I do not have in my wardrobe and the lace was just gorgeous. I totally would have kept this but it was ripped at the bottom. :( I contacted Stitch Fix to see if they could help me. They did not have any more in stock so in order to help me, they gave me a $20 credit. I was grateful but hope I can get something like this (perhaps in another color) in a future fix.

In the above "Selfie" picture, I am also wearing jeans that they sent me. They actually fit perfectly in the waist (which is usually my biggest problem) but I didn't like how high rolled up they were on the bottom. I wish you could have rolled them down. You couldn't. So back they went. :( 

Verdict? Sent top back due to damage and also Sent back the jeans.

May Fix: Kept 1 out of 5. I was the most disappointed by this fix so I am hoping I like June's better! It shipped Friday and is suppose to be here by Tuesday. Can't wait to see what I get! :)



  1. I like reading these posts! I don't have Stitchfix anymore, but I always like seeing what other people get.

  2. I'm i love with the idea of this company. Once I drop a few sizes I want to give it a shot for sure. Also I love the color of the blouse in the first picture.