Thursday, June 11, 2015

{Stitch Fix #6 Review}

I received my 6th Stitch fix this past week. It is seriously my FAVORITE day of the month. Who doesn't love getting a box of goodies in the mail?

So incase you're new to the whole Stitch Fix concept, you pay $20 to have a stylist style you. You choose how often you want to receive the fixes (right now, I have chosen monthly...I know others get it on an as-needed-basis). You fill out a style profile, answering all kinds of questions from price ranges, style, size, colors, etc. Once you receive you fix, you have 5 items in it and 3 days to try them on in the comfort of your home. If you keep all 5 items, you get a 20% discount. If you keep even just ONE item, you get the $20 styling fee taken off the total. Whatever you don't keep, drop it off at a post office in the prepaid envelope!

Okay, since I was sooooo disappointed in my May fix, I hoped my June fix would be better! What did I get? (Note: I take horrible selfies haha and I took these in my bedroom. My mirror needs to be cleaned!)

One of my favorite things about Stitch Fix is the styling cards. 

Item #1:
 Maui Crochet Trim Top $44

My stylist, Brookelyn, sent this to me because of the red top that I loved in my last fix but had to send back because it was damaged. I LOVE the color of this! The lace detail on the bottom is adorable. It is see through (why are most tops see through? Who wants to see your bra?) so I would have to wear a cami under it. The white you see under my arm in the picture is a regular tank from Old Navy because all my camis were in the wash.

Close up. The color is beautiful for spring/summer.

Verdict? Keeping!

Piece #2 Aislinn honeycomb Collar Necklace $32
 I received a statement necklace a few fixes ago and sent it back because it was so heavy. I really liked this one because it was light and I felt I would actually get more use out of it!

Verdict? Keeping!

Piece #3: Rosco Floral Print Crochet Detail Tank $ 58

I am all about florals. Not sure why. I have seen this as a pin on Pinterest numerous times when I search for Stitch Fix. Brookelyn also sent me this because of the detail. The back is cute!

 Like my horrible selfies? HAHA! I am the worst.

It is also sheer so I would have to wear a tank under it but so cute! 

Verdict: Keeping!

Piece #4: Ibis Straight Leg Jean $108

The top in this picture is from The Loft last year but this is me wearing the jeans. I HATE HATE HATE shopping for pants so once I find one I like the fit of, looks good on me, I buy in all colors! These pants were just too tight and I have a much comfier pair I just got at the Loft.

Verdict? Sending back!

Piece #5: Stacey Scallop Hem Cut-Out Detail Skirt $ 64

 Scalloped hems are all the rage right now. I saw a pair of shorts on Pinterest that I would love. This caught my eye when I took it out of the box! Loved the color combos (I am getting more wild in my color palette choices as I get older). 

However, my big butt prevented it zippering all the way! :(

Verdict: Sending back

Overall: Keeping 3/5!

I was much happier this fix and felt like the stylist actually took the time to look at my board. I may request her again!

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  1. What a shame about the skirt. It's gorgeous! But so are those two tops.