Sunday, June 14, 2015

9 days left!

There are only 9 more days of school left! 4 days this week are the last days of classes (ending Thursday). Tomorrow-Wednesday my 7th graders are taking their final. Tomorrow is listening all period long! 20 questions that I get to read 2 times each. I have spent the last 3 weeks reviewing so I am crossing my fingers that they do well.

And tomorrow is D-day. Aka the day we find out what we are teaching next year. And while nothing is for certain (because all the middle school French classes have been posted as new jobs and yet they want me to teach those....) because I am re-taking my CST in July, I have been applying to other jobs as well. One was a full-time Spanish in a neighboring district and 2 others were part-time Spanish. I just hope I stay where I am because my principal and chairperson both LOVE me and my chairperson actually told me "You were the only normal one" when I interviewed for my job! Ha! Plus it helped that I was the only one who knew French for the 6th grade class.

My other school (where I worked the last two years) ended classes on Wednesday and they started their finals. On Friday, my old chairperson Jeannette and one of my collaborating teachers Patty both were talking about how much they missed me (one of my old co-workers Georgia clued me into this). Last year I coordinated all the foreign language special education testing accommodations for grades 7-12. I also did all the testing during finals (along with all my other proctoring assignments, which was the most out of ANYONE in the school, and an at home instruction final). Someone else that worked with me last year (she was a leave for my friend Elvis who was the other TA when he was doing the HS leave) was still there and she made a BIG mess up...causing some kid to have a meltdown in my friend's class. Patty said that she wished I was there because I was more organized, knew what I was doing and I wouldn't have let that happen. Oh well, it's good to be missed! 

On Friday night I went out with my friend Marisa. We went to see Pitch Perfect 2. Now, I hadn't seen Pitch Perfect until like January but now I love both of them! We also went out to dinner and shopping. My mission was to buy the new Disney Vans that came out. They have them in Ariel, Jasmine, all the Princesses, Belle slip ons, Pooh, Mickey, Minnie, Donald. I got the Princesses ones....and then because I am psychotic I came home and ordered the Jasmine ones. Because what 28 year old doesn't look cute wearing them?! 
 (These are the ones I got!)

And my favorite part of the weekend? Orange is the New Black season 3 was released 6 hours early this weekend! I stayed up late Thursday to watch the first episode and then watched the next 2 yesterday. I blame my friends for getting me into this. :) 

I am also so excited because one of my best friends from college, Stephanie, picked out her wedding dress yesterday! She got engaged in February and she is getting married next year in October 2016. I am a bridesmaid in her wedding along with her sister, her sister-in-law and her fiance's sister. Her dress is GORGEOUS!! I cannot wait to go visit her in August in my second home aka Georgia! 

Now that school is winding down, I am excited to be lazy. It feels like the school year FLEW by (and dragged on in some aspects too) but I am going to Disney for a week in July, I also see Taylor Swift in concert in July, and then two weeks after going to Disney I am going to Georgia. Oh, and seeing Billy Joel in concert with my mom in late September. So much to look forward to! 

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