Thursday, June 18, 2015

A little bit of this and a dash of that.

Today was the last day of classes. All I can say is...

The kids totally hit their breaking point and were off the charts loony this past week. Thank god I gave a final for three days and my class that took the final had only 18 minutes today before an early dismissal to homeroom to collect locks. 

I have to proctor a social studies final tomorrow, I have "graduation rehearsal" on Monday morning, chapernoning the 8th grade dance on Monday night, graduation on Wednesday and a dinner Wednesday night for the lady that I shared my room with. She is retiring and her sweet TA Ilana is replacing her. I would LOVE to share a room with Ilana but they moved my room next year (oh, more on that in a second). Thursday next week is going to be a JOKE! If we get out early, I might just go browse the outlets.... ;)

My friend Ronny, who is the other French teacher in my district, and I switched tests to grade. Because of school/state rules, you cannot grade your tests that are attached to your SLO...but you can grade the SAME exact test for another teacher. Literally, it boggles my mind how that makes sense. We scanned each other's tests this morning and in an hour, graded all the essays. I literally wanted to cry with joy because 3 kids got a 100 (kids I expected to), 16 of them got A's. Only one kid did not pass and I feel bad but he'll probably end up taking it again. This made me super happy.

Monday we got our schedules for next year. And due to the upcoming 5th grade class size being small, I lost my 2 Spanish classes for next year. So I only have my 6th grade French class and the other periods I am in the testing room. That would be fine...if I had a lot of stuff to prep for! Things could change if I pass the French CST so we shall see. I should be studying but my brain SERIOUSLY needed a break tonight. 

I have to move classrooms and we have to label our furniture with the name and the room it goes back into. The custodians move our furniture to do the floors. I went to ask/tell the other teacher whose room I would be in that I wanted to move my desk in there. Ilana is going to help me move it next week so we can make sure all the round tables (the bane of my existence in 6th grade. I want desks!) don't have to move. Even though I am only teaching one period, I need my desk! I almost secretly hope I don't have to move because my room changed at the end of the summer so we shall see. 

Once school is over, I have a whole post of "Things I Learned As a First Year Teacher" that I want to share. I can't believe my first year of teaching is wrapping up. Being a TA doesn't really "count" because I wasn't observed four times, didn't write up daily lessons and figure out "What the heck can I do to make this fun?"

Another exciting piece of news is my best friend April went to Disney to talk to them about having her wedding there! She is hopefully getting married in early spring next year (when its not so freakishly hot there!). Last night, she called and asked me to be her maid of honor. I am so excited! I had an inkling she would ask me and I cannot wait to give my speech. She is even being gracious to BUY my dress! Oh do I feel spoiled. Considering I have four weddings to go to next year and I am in THREE of them (two of which I have to fly to and the one I am not in I also have to fly to) , I am super gracious for this offer. Plus, I cannot wait to see how a Disney wedding unfolds! 

Once school is all said and done, my goals for the summer are the following:
-study (& hopefully pass) for my CST
-see Taylor Swift (July 11! Same day as CST)
-have a fantastic time in Disney
-go to the beach at least 4 times
-loose 15 lbs. My plan is to get off my butt and walk more. 
-rewrite the French 6 curriculum (ambitious?!)

Let's see what I can do. I am off to enjoy my first night of NO LESSON PLANS! :)

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  1. My first reaction to this post was "hey, I know what a SLO is..."

    I'm trying to head into my classroom today to start unpacking...we go back August 13th. Sigh.