Monday, June 1, 2015

In the home stretch!!!

People, we are in the home stretch! This is my second to last full week of classes. We have this week, next week and then the 18th is the last full day of classes. My 7th graders take their SPEAKING portion of the final in class today-Wednesday (if needed). They take their final in class the 15-17. Almost done planning! 

Somehow I lucked out and don't have to give my French 6 or Spanish 6 a final. SCORE. Plus I didn't have to make the 7th grade one. Only had to send it to the copy center.

It is hard to believe I am almost ending my first year of teaching. Somewhat on a sour note in a way. I had to take my French CST in April because they want me to get certified in French. I did not pass. Considering I haven't been in a French class (as a student) in 7 years, my chair said I did pretty well when I told him the score (you need a minimum of 220 to pass). My highest part was the speaking...oddly enough, the one I was worried about the most! I am already registered to take it again July 11th.

The reason why it is so sour is because I am being pushed to quickly get certified because they want me to teach French 7 & 8 next year. Its all dependent upon the numbers for ESL/ELL. When I had my new teacher meeting with my principal last week, he said that enrollment went down and there was a shift in the language classes so I am probably losing my Spanish 6 and Spanish 7. So I go from 3 classes to 1. I can still be a TA. But I don't find out contractually until June 15th (This is TORTURE!). 

I was petrified because I love it there, the kids are fantastic. I emailed my chairperson to talk to him and he had no idea it was going on. He was kind of upset because he is trying to make me full time and then I lose sections? I get that it is all on numbers but go figure! I finally found my niche and to have it taken away would really suck. Luckily, I have an amazing chairperson who is totally on my side and has told me he does not want to lose me. Same goes for my principal and assistant principal. So we shall see. I met with our human resources person on Thursday (as per her request) and she is really wanting me to get the certification (hey, if I do, they have to pay me more! score!). But like I said, it is all dependent upon the numbers for the ESL students. My chair told me it was a struggle to find someone who knew French (I was one of 3 people they interviewed and the only normal one apparently) and even the human resources person said the same thing. So maybe that's a good thing?

Just keep good thoughts and prayers going for me until July!! I really need to pass this. My friend Georgia who was the French teacher at the last school I worked at is giving me a bunch of books to practice. 

Aside from that, all I do is work. I am going to Disney in July, which I am super excited about. Then Georgia in August.

Final stretch, people! Off to go finish the review games for tomorrow's French quiz and then to bed.


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