Sunday, August 3, 2014

{Sunday Social}

Happy Sunday everyone!!! I cannot believe it is already AUGUST!!! What?!?! I have roughly a good month left of summer break and then it's time to start school. Oh boy! 

Linking up with Ashley & Neely for Sunday Social.

{1} Gum or mints?
I will have either. I generally have a pack of gum in my work bag or my purse because I like popping in a piece after having a coffee or my lunch. Mints are usually what I have when I am at the restaurant since they don't want us chewing gum in front of our tables.

{2} Tea or coffee?
If you've read my blog, you should know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MY COFFEE!! I do occasionally like tea but honestly, it is not a pretty sight without my coffee. I have had up to 7 cups of coffee a day but I don't know how I ever lived without it.

{3} Fruits or veggies?
I actually like more fruits then veggies. I love cantaloupe, watermelon, green grapes, apples, oranges, bananas. I typically only like carrots, green beans or corn for veggies.

{4} TV or movies?
I like both a lot. I am perfectly fine with spending a Friday night in my PJs in my bed watching movies or TV with a glass of wine in my hand. I would say I like more TV then movies (I am a comedy and chick flick girl) but most of my favorite shows are off the air! Lately I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls DVDs and I am currently on season 4. I miss this show!

{5} Candles or diffusers?
I would say candles. I have a beach scented one that I am burning in my room at night so it's got a nice summer feel to it. 



  1. Love coffee, I start every morning with a nice cup, it's my favorite way to start the day! And love candles, I burn one in my kitchen and one in each of my bathrooms, love it! Happy Sunday!

  2. I love Gilmore Girls! I always watch it with a cup of coffee too.

  3. I've been re-watching Gilmore Girls too! They come on on ABC Family every day, so I have several episodes DVRed at a time. It's the best!!