Saturday, August 16, 2014

Life lately

How many of y'all feel like you've been in somewhat of a blog funk? I sometimes wonder "How do people FIND something to blog about EVERY SINGLE DAY?!" Seriously, kudos to you if you can do that because I cannot do that. Sometimes I am just like "Oh yeah, I have a blog." Let me just say, life lately has been happening.

Last week on one of my two days off, I was out to lunch with my friend Allison. We were at the Cheesecake Factory (and I still haven't used that $50 giftcard my boss Daimys gave me!) and my cousin Karen asked me to call her. I thought that was odd because we rarely talk. Turns out her mother, my Aunt Dot (my mom's only sister) was in the ICU at Lehigh Valley Hospital in PA because they think she had another stroke. She had one in April right before Easter so it was kind of concerning. She was on a ventilator and had a brain bleed. My mom was super upset because the week before she didn't go to see her sister like she had wanted to on her week's vacation (she was just starting her cardiac rehab). She went up Friday and came home Saturday. Slowly, but surely, my Aunt Dot is making improvements. She can move all 4 limbs so she is not paralyzed but she still has a long road ahead. Please keep her in your thoughts/prayers!

I have my new teacher orientation in my new district on August 28th! Kind of late but I am super excited. I was finally able to get in contact with my old chairperson this past Monday to tell her I wasn't coming back as a TA (even though if I had of gone back I would not have been in the language classroom). She was sad but definitely excited for me. As I am waiting for the orientation, I am trying to figure out the first few weeks of planning and cannot get ANY information on the district website. This is kind of frustrating. I know the first day is all "This is the class, these are the rules, etc" type so I am trying to come up with my own course outline, but leery incase they all have to be the same. I did get my Erin Condren teacher planner in the mail yesterday! It was cute a happy mail day! I know some people are like of shocked at the price of her planners/items, but I like them. For me, I will only have to be planning two classes so we shall see how it works. This is the one I got but with my name on it. 

I also went on Amazon and ordered a bunch of books. They have some activities that I can scan and make copies of. Or they have different techniques I can use in the classroom. I did a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and got them Friday after ordering them Wednesday. I was impressed and may keep the Prime membership. Anyone have it and think its worth it?

I feel like I just got out of school and in a few weeks I will be back! This summer feels like it never happened and now it's cool out. I hope this is not a premonition to how bad of a winter we are going to have. 

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