Friday, August 1, 2014

My Classroom

Never in a million years did I ever think the day was going to come. I have been hunting for a job in NY ever since I graduated with my master's three years ago. NY highly trains their teachers (those teacher certification exams they make us take to get our certification are such a joke) so you would figure getting a job would be somewhat easy. Oh no, it's not.

I have been on numerous interviews. I always said my dream job was to take over my middle school Spanish teacher's job (I had the same teacher all 3 years) and teach in the district where I went to school. Last year I went on three interviews for it and got cut right before the demo. I kept going on interviews and this year in 2014, I had three alone but didn't go on. It's okay because they were for high school and all my experience is in middle school (even if they say that's not why I still think that hinders me being chosen). I was ready to give up on New York all together. I had looked into what it took to get my certification in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and Georgia. 

During finals & regents week, I was applying for jobs left and right. The end of the school year/summer is when a lot of jobs come about. I applied for a HS leave replacement in one district. They called me about a week after I applied to come in and do the writing sample. I thought that was odd because usually they interview you & then have you do the writing sample. A week after that, they called me and had said they had me slotted for an interview the next morning at 10:45 and could I make it. You betcha!

I went to the interview and thought it was odd that it was at the middle school when I applied for a high school position. I interviewed with the principal, the assistant principal, the technology teacher, the chair for languages and two parents. Literally 45 minutes later when I was walking out of Panera with my lunch, the secretary called me to tell me they had me scheduled for a demo that Monday morning at 9:15!! HOLY CRAP was my initial reaction!! I literally started freaking out because I had no idea what I was going to do. 

Luckily, I have been blessed with such wonderful co-workers (who are now friends) that I called and they gave me advice. I spent ALL my free time when I was not at work planning it, designing the activities, spending tons of money on ink at Office Max (I need recommendations for a printer y'all). I literally could not drink coffee (my lifeline) or eat anything the morning of. I was told there were going to be 12 kids and I had no idea how many administrators. It turned out to be only the chairperson and the principal. 

After I was done with the demo, the principal and chair asked to talk to me on the way out. I couldn't tell if it was a good sign or a bad sign. They basically told me right then and there I HAD THE JOB!!! It took everything in my power not to scream for joy. I was told my position would be .4 so I get one 6th grade class to teach Spanish/French and one 7th grade Spanish class. Then, in order to fill my schedule they are going to have me be a TA and pay me both salaries. 

I was literally so flabbergasted I did not know what to think. After they were gone talking to me, the principal had me go meet the human resources lady. I met with her, she told me what my salary would be, and then she sent me to meet with the superintendent (tip: always carry extra copies of your resume & cover letter!! I left my stack at home but the principal said he was done with mine so he gave me his copy to give to the superintendent....I didn't think all this was happening that day!) After talking with the superintendent, he shook my hand and welcomed me to the district. I think I was so not expecting it all I could say was "Thank you." HAHA!

As soon as I walked out to my car, I sent my co-worker Georgia (who taught the HS French classes where I worked) a text that said "Um.....I just got the job?!?!!!!). I literally did not know what to think. I kind of cried the whole drive home too because to me, it was like I  finally caught my break. While it's not a full load of classes, it is definitely a start. I am getting to teach my dream age group (call me nuts but I love middle school!!). 

I got my papers last week with the date of my new teacher orientation, which is August 28th (we don't start school until September 3rd in NY!), so I must be Board of Education approved. I now need to tell my chairperson from the school I have been at the past two years (I am literally so afraid to...I don't know why!) and write my resignation letter. Last Friday I got what position I would have been had I gone back there in September and I would be a one-on-one TA shadow in a special ed classroom....not using my language. 

It makes me sad to think about not going back there. I had some great students this past year in 7th grade and I got along great with all my department colleagues. I am sad to leave there but I simply cannot pass this opportunity up. My co-teachers have been so encouraging these past two years and wanted me to get something so they have all be so excited since I told them I got it (two already took me out to celebrate and one is taking me out next week). I am so excited to start planning (once I actually know what books to use or the curriculum in the district is) and start this next chapter in my life! The new Target opened in my town (you know it's bad when you've been there 2 times in one week) and has lured me in with the back to school stuff so I can start creating a stock of things I may need. 

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  1. I'm so so happy for you, Kristin! You deserve this, and it's about time someone realized that you're a dedicated teacher :)
    I had an in-depth interview like that in PA once, but I've never had to do that in any other state. In Alaska, I had 2 interviews for my job ( a screening one and one at the school with like 10 teachers in on the interview team) and in Missouri, it was just the principal and vice-principal and took 15 minutes. For my current job, it was a phone interview.