Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oy with the poodles already!

I just finished watching all the seasons of Gilmore Girls again this week. I had been watching them for about the past month (thank goodness I own all of them). I was sad because I miss that show being on the air! It was so good and completely robbed of more seasons....not cool that the original writers up and left in a huff over money. Shame because that is generally what happens on TV shows. 

Season 7's series ending just reminded me how much I liked Luke & Lorelai together and that I feel like the "ending" we got wasn't good enough. Viewers were definitely robbed. I was also reminded of how much I wished Lorelai Gilmore was my mother (don't we all) and how I relate to Rory in some aspects.

Just for fun, these are some of my favorite moments from Gilmore Girls:

I would never ever be able to quit drinking coffee. #Forrealz

Fun fact: When they were filming Gilmore Girls, all the "coffee" that Alexis Bledel drank was soda. She hates coffee! Irony.

So true! I feel that way every day of my life. Now why did I choose a job that starts super early?!

I mutter this to myself whenever anyone asks me REALLY dumb questions. 

I crack up at this always. Mainly because the actual Bette Midler song makes me cry. 


True life: I would rather eat junk food then work out. #thestruggleisreal

Again,I haven't been to the gym in a year. So hard for me to go! LOL

I can so relate to this. I say this after a really crappy day.

This is so me when someone asks me a stupid question. I understand if you don't "get" something but asking me if Big Bird is yellow when he CLEARLY is is just dumb.

Wise words of Emily Gilmore.

I could go on and on with more but I will stop now. 

I've gotta go do more important give my stinky dog Lily a bath before work. Fun times.


  1. Oh my gosh, I could go ON AND ON, too!!! Which Season is your fave??

  2. I'd rather eat junk food than work out too. I always notice that makes me feel particularly conflicted when I sit down with a bowl of ice cream to watch Extreme Weight Loss.

  3. i love GG,too!! i own all seasons and wish it were still on. lorelai is one of my favorite girls names since seeing the show :)

    cute blog!