Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reality is sinking in...

Where has summer gone? Two weeks from yesterday is the first day of school! A week from today is my new teacher orientation! Yikes. Why is it so late? I know they have the 6th grade orientation on the 26th and then the 9th grade orientation the 27th but I just feel super unprepared! I still don't have access to class rosters or my school email which will hopefully all be rectified within the next week.

The bright side of things is I got my official letter from the superintendent yesterday that I was Board of Ed approved at their August 12th meeting. I had thought it happened at the end of July but whatever. I have the job for the next three years so GO ME!! I am hoping that as time goes on, it will got from a .4 to full time and I can get rid of being a TA but I am quite content that I actually get to teach now....despite the fact that I feel so overwhelmed and have no idea what I am doing.

Today is one of my best friend's from college, Shannon's, birthday. Olivia came down yesterday and the three of us ventured out to the wineries on the East end of Long Island. Seriously, the wineries and the beaches are two of the things I love about LI (I hate the amount of snow we get!). I would love to go to more wineries next time but we went to Martha Clara's, Macari and Pindar. Had a bottle of wine at each and just chatted. It was a GORGEOUS day out so it was perfect and what we all needed!

 Macari Vineyards

 Playing in the sunflowers at Martha Clara's (this is my mom's favorite wine/winery)

Tried this for the first time and loved it!! I am so much more a white wine drinker (or a sweet wine) than reds.

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