Saturday, July 5, 2014

One week in!

I am one week into my summer vacation. Let me just say it was PURE TORTURE being stuck in school until June 27th. We were in school later than we were last year! At least this time we did not have to come back on Monday for a workshop on teacher-student relationships like we did last year.

Two babies were born this week!! My friend Anjelica from work was due July 1st and she actually had the baby on July 1! She was induced on the 30th and after 28.5 hours of labor, her little munchkin Michael Lawrence was born! He weighed 8 lbs 8 oz. Oh he is such a doll. I had to go to the hospital on Wednesday and see him:

My co-worker Elvis from school and his wife were due July 3rd, also with a little boy. Their son, Sebastian, was born ON July 4th! Two more coworkers from school are also due this month. Can't wait to see pictures of them!

I also went on an "interview" this week. Actually, I went in to do the writing sample and had to bring 10 copies of my cover letter and resume. I found it odd that I was doing a writing sample before being actually interviewed but I guess every school district is different. The writing sample was pretty easy and everyone else that was there doing it was either for Speech or Reading. Only one other person did the Spanish sample (from that I could see in the bin) so we shall see where it gets me. I am slowly getting frustrated in the job department (as I have mentioned time & time again) because I apply to every single posting and it seems to be getting me nowhere. At this point, it has been almost 70-80 jobs I have applied for. I have had handfuls of interviews (which is always great) but I want to know when I am actually going to get my break. I am tired of being passed over (like I think happened where I work now for a leave), which has led me to my out of state research on jobs.

On the line: Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida. I have New York state certification so I am trying to figure out the whole deal with inter-state reciprocity. Anyone have any suggestions? I know to look on each state's department of education website but some of it is confusing!

While I have worked almost every day so far this week of my summer vacation, I get to take another one in two weeks when I go away to visit my cousins in Massachusetts and we're going to Block Island for the weekend! So excited!!!

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  1. I have my certification in 3 states and have my Colorado one applied for. The only thing you can do is go to the websites and try to work your way through it. Also, I find it helpful to actually email the state and ask what you need to do. Give them as much info as you can…"I have NY certification..what do I need to do?". Most states are pretty helpful!
    Good luck! Be prepared to get your fingerprinting done for each and every state though!