Monday, June 30, 2014

Girl's Weekend in Atlantic City

This past weekend, I went to Atlantic City for the weekend with two of my girls, Shannon & Olivia. Originally, it was suppose to be the three of us and our friend Amanda but she had to back out at the last minute. :(

As soon as I got out of school on Friday (the last day!!!!) I went to pick up Shannon. We drove up to Olivia's and it was pretty much smooth sailing the whole way....until we were about 20 minutes away and sat in traffic on a road that we just needed to go 1.8 miles for an HOUR!!! As soon as we could get on the exit, I did a happy dance because I was READY to get out of the car and stretch my legs as soon as we got to Olivia's.

This time around, we decided to stay at the Tropicana. Last time we stayed at Bally's. What a difference of hotels! I will say that the Tropicana is a lot nicer but the navigation in that place is TOTALLY confusing! We ended up only going to places within our hotel both nights we went out, which is what happened last time.

The first night we started off at Cuba Libre and then ended up at Tango's. We had so much more fun at Tango's because they were playing music we loved!

Shannon & I before going out

Olivia & I before going out

Olivia & Shannon

I somehow ended up going to bed at 4am which AMAZES me because I had been up since 5am getting ready for the last day of school! Maybe it has something to do with the Starbucks we got at a reststop and I asked for 3 shots of espresso in my coffee. 

On Saturday, we slept in late (we only left at midnight to go out!) and eventually made our way to the beach. Poor Olivia did not feel so good so she ended up going back to the hotel. It was SO nice to have my toes in the sand, feel that beachy breeze and just lay out in the sun. Only one part of my hip got burnt (I guess I missed putting sunblock there) so I am super happy about that.

On Saturday night we were going to do dinner at the Rainforest Cafe but the wait was an hour and a half! So not worth it. We decided to go to Chickie & Pete's in our hotel and save Rainforest for lunch on Sunday.  After dinner, Shannon and I got ready to go out. Olivia decided to stay in which was totally understandable because she didn't feel good.

We went back to Tango's and had a few drinks. And also danced this time! Some guy asked us where we were from and we said Long Island. He thought we were from Florida..... Maybe I should've specified New York but generally when you say Long Island, most people know it is in New York. Olivia ended up coming to meet us for froyo because that's what you get at 2am! We kinda called it an early night the second night but that was totally fine. We all said we were happy with it because we were just content being with each other.

Loved this dress! I got it for $13 at H&M and it was so comfy. Plus it is a perfect little black dress. 

Shannon in her outfit in our hotel.

It was such a fun weekend to have with two of my best friends and very much needed after a hectic school year! It was the perfect way to kick off summer and I cannot wait to go back. Maybe next time I will actually gamble more. I played two slot machines and lost a total of $6. Oh well. At least I gambled this time!

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