Thursday, June 19, 2014

{Disney World 2014 - Epcot!!}

The other day I finally go to posting about my trip to visit my BFF April during my spring break. We had gone to Magic Kingdom for a day and then went to Epcot the next day. I wish that I could have stayed longer but I flew home on Easter since I had to go to school on Tuesday and Monday I was babysitting. Oh time!!

When we went, the Flower & Garden festival was going on. I can now cross that off my "bucket list." It was so cool to see! 

Chip & Dale

Buzz Lightyear

We hit up the Epcot character spot. 


I am so glad we went during the flower & garden festival. The details were just amazing! 

Later in the evening, we went to a concert by a group April liked near the American pavillion in Epcot. It was pretty neat.

Mary Poppins

I am proud of the fact that I am 27 and still take character pictures! 

 Loved these!

Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie when I was little (and still is one of my favorites!). Chip is my favorite character.

Another thing I love about Epcot is going around the World Showcase! It's the language teacher in me. 

 Lady & the Tramp in Italy

Part of the Dwarfs

Overall, I had an awesome two days at Disney World with my best friend April! It was so good to finally see her after not seeing her for months. I wish I could have spent more time visiting her but maybe next time!

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