Friday, July 11, 2014

{Five on Friday!}

It surely has been awhile since I participated in this link up but my brain needs a brain from the lesson I have been writing for Monday (more on that in a bit).

Link up with the lovely ladies for 5 on Friday!

{1} Last week I went into a school district that I had applied to for a writing sample. I thought it was odd that they wanted the writing sample first before they interviewed but that's how they did their screening process. Hey, whatever works for ya! They called me on Tuesday morning to see if I could come in Wednesday for an interview (this week). Of course I said yes. I was all nerves and couldn't eat anything. 45 minutes AFTER my interview, the secretary called to tell me that I have a demo lesson for this coming Monday!! I almost dropped my phone in the parking lot. I gave them my references at the interview (my chairperson/assistant principal because she has a dual role and two teachers I worked with). One of my co-teachers texted me to tell me that she gave me glowing references!! I am praying big time to God that everything is going to go well on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed!!

My cousin Lisa and Bryce, who celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on July 4th, are expecting in November. In fact, her due date is Thanksgiving Day! I have been dying to know what they are having and when I was at work last night, they sent me a picture:

While I was hoping it was a girl (because I want one in the family to dress up lol), I am super excited for them!

I am super excited that this time next weekend I shall either be in or on my way to Block Island with my cousins Francesca and Chantal. I am desperately needing a vacation and just some relaxation time.

The deck is FINALLY finished being built around our pool. It is huge (to me) and nice to lay out on. Tuesday I fell asleep in the pool chair and got burnt. I looked like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid because of the reflection of the sun on the water. Oh well. Its not as bad now (except when Lily scratches my legs). 

I have desperately been needing to get my eyes checked because I am so blind it's just sad. Not that I am really blind but if I don't have my glasses on (and I have been without contacts for a few weeks because I ran out), everything is like blobs. Thanks to my FANTASTIC (sense my sarcasm) insurance through the healthcare marketplace, I apparently have to get a referral from my PCP because the eye doctor is a specialist....oh well guess whose PCP doesn't take my insurance even though the insurance company says they do? I have to straighten that mess out but I paid out of pocket because well, I need to see. Got contacts ordered and I also got a prescription for glasses. Apparently my vision hasn't changed in the past few years (always a good sign) but my frames were so worn. My eye guy is great....he said i could spend $175-$225 on new frames PLUS $200 for my lenses (because they're so thick/need anti-reflective glare, etc) plus the $110 for my 24 pack of contacts (I'm so glad I wear the same prescription in each eye) OR he could pop my lenses out of my old glasses (because they were in good shape) and put them in new frames for $100. I chose the second option! I love them...they're Coach and purple!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and enjoys the sunshine! I am off to continue/finish my demo lesson and take Lily for a walk before I have to go to work later.  

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  1. Thinking good thoughts for you! They really make you jump through hoops in NY!