Sunday, July 27, 2014

{sunday Social}

I have been sort of slacking in the blog department lately but that's okay. Life has been busy but I have some AMAZING news that I can't wait to share this week!

Here I am again linking up with Ashley & Neely for Sunday Social. It's all about 3's!

{1} 3 favorite songs right now:
If I knew how to put the YouTube clips into my post so they actually worked I would but the songs I love right now are: All of Me - John Legend, Turn Down for What - DJ Snake & Lil John, and Maps - Maroon 5.

{2} 3 favorite movies that remind you of summer:
Definitely Now & Then, The Notebook, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I want to watch the last two now!

{3} 3 favorite articles of clothing you own:
I have a pair of gray Nike pants that seriously I could live in for days, the black & white striped dress I wore in some of my pictures from when I went to Block Island (it's from The Loft) and my Grumpy coffee pjs!

{4} 3 items on my wish list:
One of these bad boys!

Jack Rogers Sandals and a Disney Cruise!

{5} Three books you recommend to give to someone:
I read this book one summer for 10th grade English Honors. Cried my eyes out. So good and it's the author's real life story.

Anything by Emily Giffin.

The Harry Potter series.



  1. Great call on Harry Potter- the books MAY have made my #top5 list of my fave book series, coming up tmw on the blog! ;)
    Jamie @ SnapGinger Blog

  2. I listen to Maps several times a day! Adam Levine's voice is amazing.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. I'll take the Harry Potter series IN the LV handbag, please!