Sunday, October 20, 2013

{Sunday Social}

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Today's Sunday Social questions, linking up with Ashley & Neely:

1. What do you value most in life?
Honestly, it may sound cliche but my family, friends, and my education. I would not be where I am today without anyone or my education.

2. What do you think is the greatest invention in your life and why?
For me, there would be two - cell phones and GPS. My older brother Eric had a beeper when he was in high school and I thought it was cool. Once I finally got a cellphone when I was in 10th grade, I was obsessed!! And GPS because I am so geographically challenged I can get easily lost!

3. What do you think the secret is to a good life?
To me, the secret to a good life is having faith and confidence in yourself. When you feel like nothing is going right and what else could go possibly wrong, you find something in yourself to go on. Also, a wonderful support system of family and friends are an element to the answer of what the secret is to a good life.

4. What would you like most to be remembered for when you're gone?
I would like to be remembered for being a wonderful teacher (hopefully I can inspire students to become a teacher as well), someone who cared deeply for others, and my laugh (I tend to laugh so hard I snort and then laugh harder).

5. What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
Graduating College

and Receiving my Master's Degree

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  1. I didn't even think about GPS! It has saved my butt so many times!

    - Lauren @