Friday, October 11, 2013

{Five on Friday!}

Happy Friday everyone!! I swear I have a blog post coming that isn't a link up later tonight when I get home from work. Life's been kinda crazy lately!

{1} I am loving that it is a three day weekend. We have not had a day off since one of the Jewish Holidays at the beginning of September. It's a rough few weeks and the kids were FULL of energy today. Four of my classes today were French and the teacher I am with was not there and some of the kids were off the wall. I was SUPER glad when the bell rang at 2:07!

{2} Tomorrow night I am going into the city for my friend Amanda's birthday! This is the first time I have been able to actually go because I requested off work early enough and we started talking about this in September. I am excited to have a Saturday night off and just have fun. I am babysitting for a few hours for my brother before I go into the city and then my mom is coming over so I can leave. I had already made these plans when he asked us but still looking forward to seeing my munchkins.

{3} Lily started obedience training last week aka puppy kindergarten! My mom said it was like she was a different dog when she came home. She learned sit, down, touch, leave it/take it, spin and one or two other things. She has 5 more classes on Saturday mornings. I am enjoying it.

{4} I am so excited fall TV is back. I was getting super bored. The only shows I really watch now are Law & Order SVU (not the same without Stabler and now Munch is leaving! WTH!) and Grey's Anatomy. Any suggestions on something good? I am not a fan of Breaking Bad (I know it ended), American Horror Story or anything like that.

{5} I bought the Little Mermaid on DVD when it came out last week and finally watched it the other night. It made me super happy. I now need to plan a trip to Disney!

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