Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday

All I can say is Thank God It's Friday! And to top it off, it is pay day! Woot woot....except all that $$ is going to bills. Boo adult hood.

Tonight I am chaperoning the Junior High Halloween Dance at school. Last year whenever I got asked to chaperone, I always already had my schedule done for work by that point. This time, I was able to get off. I will be at school pretty much from 7am-9pm. After 9th period, we're setting up and then getting some food before the dance starts. Can't wait to see the students in their costumes! Afterwards, I am going to a Halloween party @ Sarah & Skye's with a free costume thanks to my mom...She found a pair of her scrubs she used to wear as a nurse. SCORE!

I got a manicure yesterday afternoon before work. Sometimes that is the best time to myself. I just don't think about ANYTHING related to work and just enjoy it. And yesterday, I was enjoying it so much I FELL ASLEEEP. Guess I was tired! Loving the color I got called Casino Royale by OPI.

Bryce, my cousin Lisa's husband, has written a bunch of eBooks for kids called Pomodoro the Penguin. He is now trying to get them to be published in PRINT which would be great for any teacher to have in their classroom! Please take a moment out and look at his work! So proud of him and I know this will happen for him.

Lily seems to be doing well in her Puppy kindergarten classes. She does not like to "stay" when she is told but we're working on it! She is 6 months old today! I told my mother I plan on taking her to Petco at Christmas when they have the Santa there for you to get your dog's picture taken and she told me I was nuts, #furmommy

My birthday is in a few weeks! I am going to be 27....which is SO scary because I am nowhere near where I thought I would be in life by that age back in the day when I was like 15. I am ordering myself a new Vera bag because it has MICKEY MOUSE on it! And I am on the hunt for a reasonable pair of brown boots. Gotta check out DSW!

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