Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life happens

I feel like most of my blog posts lately have been link ups. Whether it be Five on Friday, Sunday Social or something else. It is as if blogging fell by the wayside and I was in a rut. Seriously, that is how I felt lately. To me, there was nothing interesting going on in my life to be deemed "blog worthy". And as I read posts of all these others bloggers I follow, I thought to myself "How on earth do they do it? Their life is so much more interesting and fun than mine is!" Yes, I had myself a pity party and moved on with life.

Truth be told, I have just been SUPER busy. School started September 3rd for two days and then we had two days off for the Jewish holidays. Since then, it has been GO GO GO, the kids have been off the wall (or maybe it is just one of my 9th period classes) and I am just ready for a break. Good thing we have a three day weekend for Columbus day! My schedule for school is kind of insane with being in French on A days 1,5,8,9 with being in Spanish 3 & 7th as well and then on B days, I am in Spanish 1,5,8,9 and 3&7th. I had to learn 200+ names and read 51 IEPs! My brain is fried.

As I am working as the TA, I keep looking for a job. The other TA that I worked with last year, Elvis, is doing a leave replacement upstairs for one of the high school teachers so there was a leave for him. The girl ended up getting 2 leaves back to back in a high school so she left and they had to take the permanent Spanish sub and make her the new TA. That lasted about two days until they had to make her the OTHER leave replacement upstairs (two high school teachers were on maternity leave) because they let the original person so. So then they took the new sub that was Spanish & French certified and made her the TA. Did you get lost? Haha, pretty complicated, right? My chairperson was so stressed with all the changes and told me if I got a new job and she had to hire another TA, she would strangle me! Haha, of course she would not do it but I said "Well at least I know I am loved here!" It just frustrates me to no end that everyone I know seems to be getting a teaching job and I can't find one of my own. Don't get me wrong. I am GRATEFUL to be working as a TA and at the current school where I am. I am just ready to be working full time with my own classroom!

My puppy Lily started her obedience classes last week and is going to her next one in a short while. She came home like a different dog after the first class. Hopefully this helps with all her nipping behavior (which I know is common because she is a puppy) and jumping on the coffee table. Because she likes to go on this kids picnic table we have in our backyard and while it is funny (see picture below), I want that behavior to stop! Let's just hope Lily doesn't fail out of school. She has 4 more classes after today's class.

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