Sunday, October 6, 2013

{Sunday Social - Week 70!}

Sunday Social has become one of my favorite weekly link ups since Ashley & Neely started it over a year ago!! Who can believe it is week 70 of this link up?!

This week's questions are all about middle school/high school.

1. What were you like in middle school and high school?
I seriously was super shy and just hung out with my small circle of friends. I wasn't one of the "popular" ones and I was certainly not a jock. I just went to school, got good grades, was a major NERD and went to dance classes. I did a complete 180 when I got to college!

2. What were your favorite past times?
I enjoyed hanging out with my friends! We used to go to the beach via the ferry in our town in the summer, spend the day there, and then come home for the $4 movie night at the theater in our town. Perks of being in a small town. When I was not with my friends, I enjoyed being at the dance studio. It was like a second home!

3. What songs were your obsessed with?
Anything by *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne (Sk8er Boy anyone?), Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, and Ryan Cabrera. I still have all of them on my iTunes!

4. What fashion statement do you look back and cringe?
Umm, gosh, this is kind of hard. Probably the whole Pac Sun phase. Ridiculously priced!

5. Who was your celeb crush?
I was obsessed with Brad Pitt because I was jealous he was married to Jennifer Aniston (my main girl crush)...but then he was a homewrecker and shacked up with Angelina Jolie who I can't stand. And I was also obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal. Still am!

6. What was your favorite movie?
I am having such a hard time remembering this! I loved Legally Blonde, Bring It On, Crossroads (yes, the Britney Spears movie!), A Walk to Remember and Now & Then. Oh, and Center Stage!

Now & Then

Center Stage

Legally Blonde

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