Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Happy Wednesday, everyone! I can hardly believe tomorrow is AUGUST!! Seriously, where is 2013 going? I'm linking up with Jamie for another week of What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving...that tomorrow I will be on my way to Atlanta to visit Stephanie! I am excited to see her and have a vacation from work. Ten days straight is NOT fun.

I'm loving... that we finally got our pool installed! We lost our pool during Hurricane Irene about two years ago. My mom wasn't sure if she wanted to get a new one and trust me, during the heat wave I know she regretted not doing it last summer. We have a semi in-ground/above ground. I am excited to have it all set up and go swimming a few times before the summer is over.

I'm loving...that I officially have my TA job back for next year. My boss called me last Thursday to tell me that it's officially mine again (last year I was a leave) so I am excited for the school year to begin.

I'm loving...the awesome deal I got today at NY&CO. It's hard working at the mall to NOT shop every day...I had a $10 off coupon that expires Saturday and I'll be away...combine that with the $50 off $100 in my email, I got two new pairs of pants and two shirts for $60something bucks! Fashion post soon? Maybe!! If I could figure out how to work a self-timer, haha.

I'm loving...the new book I am reading, White Girl Problems by Babe Walker. It's her memoir and it is downright hilarious.

I'm loving...that even after this trip to Georgia, I have one more trip to look forward to...girls trip to Atlantic City!! Shannon, Olivia and I were going to go over Labor Day but the prices are too expensive so we're going the weekend after...and its great becaue I have a four day weekend from school!

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