Thursday, July 25, 2013

One more week

One more week and I will be on vacation! Next Thursday, I leave to go visit my best friend, Stephanie, from college in Georgia. I feel like Georgia, or the South in general, is my second home. I haven't been to visit her since 2011 (she visited me a few months after I visited her in 2011 and then last August) so I am excited!! I am also excited because by that point, I will have worked EVERY single day since this Monday. So like 10 days straight? Yeah, NOT fun.

I still need to upload my pictures from the Taylor Swift concert this past weekend and want to write about that because, it was an eventful weekend! Let's just put it this way...the concert almost got cancelled and I about cried. Yep, I'm a 26 year old who loves Taylor Swift's music...don't hate!

Sometimes I think my internet has a mind of its own. And then there are things I don't why when I woke up this morning and decided to check my email on the computer in the family room that it said the internet wasn't working. Odd? Yes. Then it said something about materials with copyright infringement being distributed and they've gotten notices about it before. Umm, what? I don't recall ever seeing that before! Maybe it was me getting my music for free (oops) via uTorrent but I have no idea. That or the post I wrote with my cousin's pictures from her wedding were the only things I could think of (so I just deleted that post incase it was that). I just thought it was superbly strange.....although my ex-boyfriend said (when we were dating) that his dad got something from Optimum about his downloading movies, which we definitely don't do. Oh well, guess I am going to have to find a new way to get my music!

Also, let's discuss how the Royal Baby finally made HIS debut. Yes, HIS! I could have sworn they said that Kate Middleton was having a baby girl, which would have been awesome if it was a girl and they named it Diana after William's mom. However, I think it is SO unfair how BEAUTIFUL she looked just ONE day after giving birth! Seriously!! I hope that happens to me when I pop a few kids out!

Let's be BFF's, Kate! I seriously would love to raid her closet.

And in other news, every time I hear about a new disaster about Amanda Bynes, I laugh yet also feel sad that she is in a downward spiral. Because how do you go from this:

to this:

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  1. It really is NOT fair how beautiful Kate is. She is just darling!

    I do the same thing about Amanda.. what a joke her life has become!

    YAY for your trip! :D