Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adventures in dog training

My puppy, Lily, cracks me up at times. She is currently barking at a cardboard box because she doesn't like it....yet, she LOVES to chew on them. Sometimes, I think she just barks at random things.

We have had Lily for about almost a month now (got her June 26th). We got her from a breeder online that I found through She came from Missouri and I picked her up from Delta cargo. She is a beautiful cocker spaniel.

 Part of the agreement my mom and I had when we decided to get a puppy rather than a rescue dog (all the dogs we could find in rescues or shelters had either special needs or were too old....and we wanted a cocker spaniel) was that I would train her when I was home and not at work. BOY OH BOY is this a challenging task! We have the puppy pads in the house incase she has an accident and she is pretty good about going on them if no one gets her out. And we take her out every 15-20 minutes after eating. She is slowly getting there on being housetrained.

The main issue that I am having trouble with is her biting. You can be playing with her and she'll nip at your hands, ankles, she's even gotten my boob once or twice. Basically, anything she can get her puppy teeth on. I know it's all because she is a baby (she was only born 4.25) and she's teething but the nipping is driving me crazy! Everything I have read says that when she nips at you to keep putting a toy in her mouth so she gets the idea that she isn't suppose to nip. Or leave the room and come back within 15 seconds. I have tried yelling, making the sound when you step on them, and it just feels like NOTHING is working. 

Does anyone have any suggestions that would be helpful? I slowly but surely feel like I am losing my marbles!

And incase you didn't notice, I finally have my own professional blog design!! I am so happy with how it turned out. It was done by Stephanie from Stephanie G Designs. She is seriously such a pleasure to work with and was able to help me/answer all my questions! 

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  1. Love the new look!

    So my puppy is biting too. He was born 5/24, so he'll be 8 weeks tomorrow. We picked him up at only 6 weeks old. Dare-I-Say, he's about 90% house-trained. Has an accident or 2 everyday, but nothing completely unmanageable. Anyway...the biting. I hear it's just something puppies do until they start wearing their teeth down? I got him some sturdy toys and he loves to chew on his leash. When he gets into full-on attack mode, we give him a whack on the behind.

    We're in the same boat! Good luck!