Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anchors Away! - Lisa & Bryce tie the knot!

My July 4th was special this year. I was in a wedding! My cousin Lisa & her now husband Bryce tied the knot on the patriotic holiday. They got married at a local place called Danfords Hotel & Marina...right on the water. It was really nice except for the HEAT. That was absolutely brutal during pictures.

I snapped a ton of photographs before the wedding & during the reception. The ones from the ceremony were from friends on facebook.  

My friend Amanda's hairdresser Jess did my hair. Lisa, my cousin, was probably the most NON BRIDEZILLA bride I have ever met. She was like "Whatever makes everyone happy!" Seriously, what bride normally says that? I love how it came out! Here's a shot:

We had the bridal suite at Danfords to hang in as we got ready, hold our stuff during the wedding/reception, etc. Nicole, a friend of Lisa's from middle school, did her hair, one of the bridesmaids Jenna's hair and my Aunt's hair. Some glamour shots :)
My cousin Lisa, the bride :)

Jenna, another bridesmaid getting her hair done

As we were getting ready, the photographers arrived and were taking some shots of her dress, shoes, programs, etc. He also took a shot of Lisa holding her dress on the hanger I had made for her :)


This picture also cracks me up. My Aunt Betsy was not sure if she was going to have something done to her hair for the wedding (she ended up having Nicole do it). And you'd figure the day her only daughter got married she would be nervous or excited or busy doing something. Nope....she relaxed playing Candy Crush on her iPad.

The bride & groom were suppose to do their reveal at 1:30 and do all (well, most) of the pictures beforehand so they could actually enjoy their cocktail hour & reception. But that went out the window because it took awhile for us to get ready. Whoops! But soon, it was time to get into the dress!

After Lisa & Bryce did their reveal and saw each other, we took bridal party photos. OH MY GOD was it HOT!! It was a big joke that every time they went to Danfords, it rained so naturally, they assumed it would on their wedding day....Nope, it was sweltering hot but a beautiful day! And sunny! After we took photos outside, we hung out in the lobby taking more pictures:

 Steven, the ringbearer (my nephew), Lisa, Elliot (the flower girl/bride's niece)

Lisa with my nieces & nephew
My grandma and me

My mom, me and Grandma

Soon, it was time to walk down that aisle!

My Uncle Bill walking Lisa down the aisle

Their vows were so was hard not to cry!! 

Mr & Mrs. Westervelt!

Then, it was time to PARTAY!! I kept joking to Bryce via text about the awesome partay (yes, spelled that way) they were going to have...well, my phone now AUTOCORRECTS "party" to partay everytime I write it!

Their first dance was to "Close Your Eyes" by Michael Buble. Such a sweet song!

My Aunt & Uncle let me invite two-three friends to the wedding since I was a big help with the shower and all. My friends Shannon, Amanda, and Pete came. It was nice to have them there!

 Of course, the father/daughter dance & mother/son dance made me cry. My uncle & cousin danced to "I Loved Her First" by Heartland and Bryce & his mom danced to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts.

I must tell you, many elements of their wedding were hand-made! Lisa did not buy ONE magazine while engaged....most of her ideas were a spin off of things she pinned on Pinterest! They made their own invitations, thank you cards, programs, favors, etc. 
Placecards! Each person had an individual boat! 

Card box

Bryce made the knots himself. How cool!

It was an absolute honor to stand besides Lisa & Bryce on their wedding day as they pledged their love to each other! Lisa is my only female cousin on my dad's side of the family so it means alot she included me in the big day. Bryce and I have gotten along from the moment I met him and I feel like he is the missing puzzle piece from Lisa's life. He fits in so well with our family and I couldn't be happier for Mr & Mrs. Westervelt! Love them both!

It was a fantastic 4th of July. I can't wait to see the pictures from the photographer!!

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