Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday

Today I am linking up for the first time with a. liz adventures, carolina charm, hello! happiness, and the good life blogs for 5 on Friday. What a fun new link-up!

{1} - NEW PUPPY!
To say that I am in love with my new puppy, Lily, might be an understatement. It has only been about three months since I had to put my dog Shadow to sleep due to a tumor in her lungs/not eating/just in so much pain. There is still a void in my heart. But this little bugger, is a nice new addition! She is only 8 weeks old and is feisty! She likes to bite the rugs in the family room and drag them around which is hysterical. I am in for it with training her to go potty outside because I'd never had this experience before but who couldn't love this face?

{2} - WEDDING!
My cousin's wedding is in SIX days...on July 4!! I picked up my dress from the tailor's yesterday and just need to get a better strapless bra for it. I am so excited for my cousin Lisa because I absolutely adore her fiance Bryce. It's going to be an awesome time and I will take pictures to instagram & show y'all.

Yes, I am 26 years old. Yes, I am a Taylor Swift fan. No, I do not have any shame in admitting that. The weekend of July 19, I am going to Philadelphia to go see her in concert with Shannon & her sister Meghan. We're so excited! I love exploring new cities and I can't wait to see where our seats are at Lincoln Financial Field.

I am beyond happy that school is out for summer! It was a long fourth quarter with state tests, preparing for finals, interviews, etc. The last two weeks we went in and basically just played games if we had no proctoring assignments. It was definitely a great experience working in the school where I worked this past year as a TA. If I dont have a position teaching in my own classroom next year (still interviewing and searching), I hope they ask me back.

I am finally catching up on reading the oodles of books I have on my kindle. Right now, I am reading the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. I saw this when I was at Target, took a picture of it on my iPhone and then downloaded the Kindle version (because of a giftcard!) and it was $7 cheaper than the hardcopy at Target. So good!


  1. Aww your puppy is so cute! :-) My daughters name is Lily! ;) No worries- I've been to a Taylor Swift concert or two! ;) Several years ago, I was able to meet her and was so excited! :)

  2. Found your blog on the Friday Five and instantly fell in love when I saw all of your favorite TV shows and the fact that you'll be at the Taylor Swift Concert later in July! I went to Lincoln Financial Field last year for her and LOVED it! I didn't get tickets this year because I wasn't sure where I was gonna be living with college graduation, but I will definitely be trying to win radio tickets as soon as it gets closer! You will LOVE it! :)

  3. Lily is adorable! Wow - that face! Has she been sleeping through the night okay?

    Thank you SO much for linking up with us this week :)