Tuesday, September 24, 2013

teacher talk: outfits!

Welcome back to another rendition of the Teacher Talk link up with the lovely Nicole & Jamie!

So, when I saw that teacher outfits was the topic for this month's link up, I had the brilliant idea to take pictures of my outfit in the morning (ya know, before I looked like I wanted to pull my hair out of my head at 2:10pm). And that NEVER NEVER NEVER happened. Because I am A) NOT a morning person and B) I can't seem to take a decent picture of myself as a "selfie" with my iphone or my regular camera. EPIC fail.

But, just like Nicole said in her post, I work at at school that is somewhat pretty relaxed when it comes to the dress code. I wore jeans last Friday (hey, it was the day after open house! I think the entire 7 & 8th grade staff members were in jeans) and could wear them in the middle of the week if I wanted to.

I do try to look professional. Sometimes I will allow myself to dress in jeans (like last Friday and I will this Friday since I have to help with PBIS the first two periods) and other days, its a skirt/dress/dress pants combo. The good majority of my clothes I wear to work have come from NY & CO (the store & outlet), Kohls, Ann Taylor, The Loft, etc. A few pieces from J.Crew are slowly inching their way in.

My style for school is essentially professional with comfort. I cannot teach in heels. I do NOT find them comfortable and I think trying to navigate the hallways during passing time would end up with me face first in the ground. I wear flats.

This is pretty much my kind of style for school:
I have worn something like this.

I just wouldn't wear the belt like that...I am a little self-conscious.

I would wear this on a casual day. :) Except I don't have any accent necklaces like that.

Still casual yet professional! And no, I would not wear heels. I would rock flats with this outfit.

I have worn something like this (even to an interview) but instead of the jacket at school, it would be a caridgan sweater. Sometimes one room is hot and another is not. 

I do need to try on more dress pants and either have them altered in the waist and have them hemmed or just buy new ones. All of my pants after awhile sag in my butt area and then they are also too long! 

I am excited to see how other teacher blogger dress. I really like to be comfortable yet professional. Sometimes I go straight to my tutoring job so I still feel professional if I am in slacks and a shirt. Today, it was khacki dress pants, a white cami and a coral shirt over it from Kohl's. For the win since one of my students told me she loved my shirt.


  1. I LOVE that blue dress...a lot!

  2. I love the red jumper and shirt outfit - casual but trendy!
    Missy x