Friday, September 6, 2013

{Five on Friday}

Happy weekend everyone! I am enjoying my day off from school due to the Jewish holiday. Most schools are starting on Monday but we started on Tuesday. Silly, if you ask me. Anyways, I am linking up again with A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and The Good Life Blog for another rendition of 5 on Friday.

School started again on Tuesday and it is somewhat nice to be back into a routine. Although, 5am is such an AWFUL wakeup time but necessary because I stay in bed trying to wake up until almost 5:30. I've started taking my showers at night again to help with sleeping in. My schedule is not too bad...I have 8 classes between my 6 scheduled periods: So it looks something like this
Period 1 - A Days~ French B/B Days ~ Spanish B
Period 2 - Off
Period 3 - Spanish B
Period 4 - Off
Period 5 - A Days ~ French A/B Days ~ Spanish A
Period 6 - Off
Period 7 - Spanish A
Period 8 - French A
Period 9 - French A

Even though my dominant language is Spanish, my minor was French so my boss decided to utilize me to her best advantage and put be as the TA for both languages. After all, why hire another person when one person can do two jobs?! :) And I got my contract to sign...only they spelled my name wrong (my first, not my last) so I have to email them to correct that. And apparently its mine until 2016 if I want. That's nice to know so at least I can continue to search.

I got a desperately need manicure the other day and love the color I chose! I didn't even know it was from Essie's fall 2013 collection but it's called After School Boy Blazer. I love it and will need to buy the bottle. I managed to also buy this when I was at Target which is part of the collection, Vested Interest.

After School Boy Blazer

Vested Interest

Lily, my puppy, uses our coffee table in the family room like it's a slide on a playground. She jumps up there (on top of the newspapers) and tries to chew whatever she can. It's funny but such BAD behavior. She is signed up for puppy kindergarten that starts in a few weeks so hopefully she comes out trained and not failing. I never realized how much WORK a puppy really is since my last two dogs basically came trained!

Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks! I love this drink! Although I hate it signifies summer is over.

Is it sad that I am excited Snooki is on Dancing With the Stars the next season? Probably. But she's the 2nd Jersey Shore cast member (after Mike) to go on and I will be watching! She was after all my favorite person on the show


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  1. Almost bought those two colors at Ulta earlier today! Love the new fall collection!