Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Busy as a bee!

I feel like all my blog posts have been lately are link ups. Well, that's fine and dandy because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want!

However, now we are into the second full week of school and settling into routines. I went back on September 3rd. I am back working as a TA where I was last year only this time, I am in BOTH Spanish & French classes! Talk about confusing, haha. My schedule is something along the lines of this:

Period 1 A Days - French B
Period 1 B Days - Spanish B
Period 2 - Off
Period 3 - Spanish B
Period 4 - Off
Period 5 A Days - French A
Period 5 B Days - Spanish A
Period 6 - Off/lunch
Period 7 - Spanish A
Period 8 A Days - French A
Period 8 B Days - Spanish A
Period 9 A Days - French A
Period 9 B Days - Spanish A

Confusing, much?!  They have a lot of kids this year with needs in French so since it was my minor, I am in those classes as well. It's great because as the kids are learning, I am relearning as well! They did have a job posting for a French TA so hopefully there'll be one soon.

Its going to be a challenging year between remembering what day it is and what class I am in with which teacher. I work with 5 different teachers! I also have some students who have a lot of needs so reading all the IEPs has been daunting. And I don't just read them to find their testing mods. I literally read all 8-11 pages of them.

I am still on the job hunt for my own teaching job/classroom. I applied to a bunch over the summer but NOTHING is more frustrating then applying, writing a cover letter, and not even hearing from them. At least getting the acknowledgement email from some districts that they got my resume is better because then I know it's not lost somewhere in the online system. It's a really hard job market where I live for teachers and I am doing my best to not give up. I am starting to read more into the requirements out of state. Anyone from Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia or South Carolina have any suggestions? I really have nothing tying me to New York so Lily, the pup, can come with me wherever I move. I am turning 27 in 2 months and I thought by that age, I would have my life in order (a job, a house, engaged or married). I am sort of there with the job but want a more permanent one.

Tomorrow is open school night. It's the first time I get to experience it! I am not sure what the parents are going to think of a TA in the room (I didn't go last year because I started in the beginning of October) but we shall see!

And just for fun, here's a picture of my adorable Lily. I tired her out by taking her on a long walk after I got home from school the other day on my night off!

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  1. Ummm I am super jealous that you know both spanish AND french! I def. need some spanish help ;) And I think you should probably move on down south because there are lots of jobs available here in tejjjjas! :) Sorry to hear that you applied to all those schools and haven't heard anything back - that is so annoying! At least if you don't have availability, call and let me know. I hate it when places don't at least thank you for your time (because it takes a lot of time to apply somewhere!) Have you looked into possibly long term subbing somewhere?

    And I can't imagine reading all of those IEP's for all those kiddos. I feel like it takes me years just to read the ones I had from last year! You go girl! Glad to hear all those kiddos (not really kiddos I guess) are still getting their modifications/accommodations ;)