Monday, May 9, 2016

The Color Run

It has always been on my bucketlist to do a 5k. Let me just put this out there though...there is no way on Earth I am a runner! I feel like I look like Phoebe on FRIENDS when I run:

I always envy people that look like they are almost professional runners. I know it does not happen over night but man, I wish that could be me.

One of my work friends, Valentina, asked a bunch of us if we wanted to do the Color Run at Citi Field in Queens where the Mets place. It was on her birthday! What a perfect way to celebrate. A bunch of us did it and signed up a few months ago. And we said, "Yeah, we will totally train!" (This Pitch Perfect/Fat Amy meme reminds me of this)

So on Saturday, we all met up at Citi Field and did the Color Run...aka the Happiest 5k on Earth! We did run inside the stadium and a bit on the field. We ran through the color stations. Towards the end I wanted to give up because my "race bib" was coming unpinned and they all took off as I was trying to pin it back on..haha. But it was a lot of fun! I am so sore today but if you have never done one, I suggest you do it!

Best group of coworkers! <3

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