Thursday, April 21, 2016

One more day....


This is my fourth year working in a school and this has to be the LATEST my spring break has ever been. Generally its in the middle of April but with were state testing fell this year, we ended up with spring break in the last week of April. We go back on May 2nd and then there are only 34 more instructional days til the last day of classes! HOLY COW!

This is how I feel right about now:

The kids are off the wall. It's like feeding time at the Bronx Zoo. #gohome

I also got observed this week. Some people might think "Really? The week before vacation?" In my first student teaching placement, I was observed the FRIDAY before a break. Now, THAT is torture. I got observed by my chairperson back in December and he loved that lesson. It was on time. Oddly, one of my favorite topics to teach in French and Spanish. Last week I happened to walk into my assistant principal's office to ask him a question and saw my name was on the board to be observed. I knew Monday's lesson was going to be boring so I emailed him to come in Wednesday. He came in yesterday and loved it. One of his comments today in the post-op conference was how he loved that the kids were jumping out of their seats to answer questions. It went over really well and now I am glad that its over. Because I can swallow the fact that my class size will be 29-31 kids next year. #thekidsloveme #iwishicouldhavetwosections #maybeiwillteachspanishagainnextyear . I hope I get at least a Spanish class. My chair wants me teaching Spanish again.

I also get to start my spring break off by taking the French cst again. I swear NYS wants to simply torture me. I told my principal its my goal to get it, no matter how many times I have to take it, so I can replace my friend Ronny when she retires. I think though depending upon how I do and if/that I probably will have to take it again in July, I may see about taking a class online or something for grammar. It's been FOREVER since I took a college French class so at least my speaking and writing are good...the grammar questions they ask are nuts!

April finally got her wedding pictures and they came out amazing!These are just a few of my favorites!

17 years of friendship and counting! 

Minus my curl in my face! I sort of wish they did more photos of us rather than 1 shot.

Other than that and me being dumb/slicing my toe open at work on Saturday, nothing else is going on. I am working a few times over my spring break but on Tuesday night I am going to the Mets game with a bunch of teachers from work. I don't really like baseball (I am a Yankees fan) but I am going for the food...and drinks! haha!

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