Saturday, June 11, 2016

New Mexico 2016

I have officially dubbed 2016 "the year of weddings" for me. I have 5 weddings this year alone, and I am in 3 of them! One of them was my best friend April's wedding in March and then I am in 2 weddings 6 days apart in two different states! The only weddings this year I am not in was the one last weekend and one in December. My wallet thanks those friends.

My friend Heather from college was getting married in New Mexico. We made a mini vacation out of it since the bachelorette party was on Thursday in Albuquerque and the wedding was Saturday in Santa Fe.

We flew out Wednesday night and landed in New Mexico at about 11pm (so 1am EST). It was my first time going out to the west coast! I flew down with Shannon, Amanda, and Olivia. Olivia's fiance was flying down the next night and was going to meet us on Friday at breakfast before we drove to Santa Fe.

Thursday morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at the Starbucks right next door to the hotel before driving to the first stop of the day, the Tram!

The view while we were in the parking lot...putting on our sunblock lol

This is what we rode up in.

How high up we went!

After the tram, we went back to the hotel to have lunch. We got NY style party pizzas and the rest of the girls apologized to those of us from NY incase the pizzas weren't as good as we were used to. They were SO HUGE! After we ate, we went to get ready for the rest of the evening! We went to a winery to do a wine tasting and it was gorgeous! 

Me, Amanda, Shannon

Me and the beautiful bride, Heather! 

We went to dinner at a mexican place and then went out to a rooftop bar to drink. Interesting fact that last call was at 10:30. We are so used to 4am in NY! 

On Friday, we drove to Santa Fe. Our hotel was beautiful...except our rooms were not ready. Check in was 4 but the bride requested an early check in. After 3.5 hours of waiting by the pool, it STILL wasn't ready. Heather's wedding coordinator gave the hotel a piece of his mind and they ended up comping one of the rooms for two nights, which was nice. The room we ended up with (Shannon, Amanda and I) was insane! 

Saturday was the wedding and it was just such a fun time. The ceremony was short and sweet but the night was so much fun. Heather and her husband, Eric, danced the entire night and I loved seeing that! They are SO in love (this is the first time we have all met Eric because Heather has lived in Indiana for the past few years and they just moved to Texas) and it was just such a beautiful day!


 First kiss as newlyweds!

Beautiful couple! 

Olivia's wedding is 10.21!

Steph's wedding is next! 10.15 in Miami!

 Me and Shannon! Olivia's co maids of honor

 Love this girl! She was a beautiful bride!

 New Paltz forever

First dance!

"This is such a stone-cold pack of weirdos and I'm so proud" <3

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